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Friday, September 16, 2011

Accidental Treatment with Purpose

Had an auto accident? Either get it treated properly or suffer the consequences.

In June 2008, West Palm Beach, Florida resident Judy Daniels was involved in a car accident. As a result, she wound up with neck pain, arm pain, pain in her shoulder blades, lower back pain, a herniated disc, and radiating pain in her right leg.

Initially, Judy was referred to a doctor. After six months, she wasn’t getting any better.

“When a car runs into another car or a tree, it gets knocked out of alignment,” says Dr. Louis Klionsky, owner of Boca Spine & Acupuncture Centers. “The same thing is true for the body. If these issues aren’t diagnosed and addressed appropriately, the end results can be frustrating and even devastating.” [Click here to read an earlier article about Dr. Klionsky]

Catch It Early

Some of the complications that may arise from leaving accident-related issues untreated include persistent pain, numbness and tingling in the affected extremities, loss of grip strength, bladder problems, and other severe conditions that may require invasive surgical intervention and months of post-surgery rehabilitation. Thankfully, Judy didn’t wait too long before finding her way to Boca Spine & Acupuncture Centers.

“If you get in an accident like Judy, it’s imperative that you get checked out to make sure you don’t have any sort of pain-causing misalignment,” Dr. Klionsky says. “Medications can deaden the pain signals to the brain and temporarily treat the symptoms of an accident, but when the pills are gone, the pain comes back.”

Instead of a temporary fix, chiropractors specialize getting to the root of the problem, identifying nerve issues and vertebrae that are out of alignment. For a clear diagnosis, a full exam must be performed, including an orthopedic and neurological examination, which can be performed at Boca Spine & Acupuncture Centers.

Better than Ever
Once in the capable hands of Dr. Klionsky, Judy began undergoing gentle spinal alignment to remove subluxations (out-of-place spinal bones), electrical stimulation, cold compresses, acupuncture, and massage. Soon, Dr. Klionsky prescribed exercises to regain strength in her lower back and right arm. Following six months of unsuccessful treatment elsewhere, Judy began feeling better after only three weeks in Dr. Klionsky’s care. [ Read this article if your children's health and wellness and weight is a concern! ] 

“I now have no pain, and I’ve never felt better,” Judy says. “This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me!” 

To make sure she stays healthy and happy, Judy still performs the exercises prescribed by Dr. Klionsky a couple years ago. Since overcoming her pain and getting back to life, Judy has referred many friends to Boca Spine & Acupuncture Centers. And in the event she has another car accident in the future, Judy knows exactly where she’ll turn: Dr. Klionsky.

Suffered auto accident and decided you just have to live with the pain? Let Dr. Klionsky change your mind. Contact him for a free consultation, and review of your x-rays and MRIs. Schedule an appointment at Boca Spine & Acupuncture Centers via e-mail ( or phone (Boca Raton: 561-393-0054 or West Palm Beach: 561-439-5555) to take the first step toward a healthier, fuller life without pain. You can also learn about other chiropractic issues and how Dr. Klionsky treats them by visiting Follow along on Twitter.

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