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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Catching Up With Karin

The stunning Ms. Kelts
CEO and Actress with Long Legs Productions and KMK Films, internationally known model, mother and world traveler: Meet Karin Kelts, a Miami native who recently returned to South Florida after years spent in Paris, France. In this feature “Catching Up With Karin,” Amplification, Inc. sits down with the businesswoman to shed some light on recent travels and get a sneak peek of some upcoming film projects.

Amplification: You have lived and traveled all over the world, but where’s the coolest place you’ve been lately?
Karin: I just got back from my birthday party in Barcelona, Spain. My best friend, who I’ve known since I was six years old, runs four spas in Barcelona, so it was a treat to spend time with my life-long friends. Barcelona is one of my top five favorite cities in the world—the architecture is astounding. I also got to have a don’t-miss experience in going to the Turkish baths. Being there was like knowing what heaven must be like. It was a five-star experience for very little money: you can enjoy an ice bath or steam room, all while sipping mint tea from Morocco. It was incredible.
Amplification: What’s one thing you can’t live without right now?
Karin: The best thing for me is absolutely my kids. I can’t imagine life without them! I’d also have to say my business partner, Kim St. Leon. She knows the film business so well and is absolutely one of my favorite people to work with.
Amplification: You have lived in Europe for many years—what’s one thing you miss, and one thing you love about being in the States? [ What to Do?! ] 
Karin: In Europe, there’s this real sense of community. When you have your coffee every morning or buy fresh fruit at the street market, there’s a true sense of an unhurried lifestyle and community. Being back in Florida is wonderful, however. Everything is on the water and so beautiful. Ft. Lauderdale is, truly, the Venice (Italy) of Florida. But hoping to achieve that sense of community is one reason why I created my production company here. I hope to create a sense of family among the Florida film industry.
Amplification: Speaking of your film company, what do you have in the works right now?
Karin: I wish I could tell you the name of the project we just finished! It’s a KMK Films full-length feature film starring Danny Trejo, Jennifer Tilly and Margaret Cho. We’re currently in contract negotiations, so I think we’ll hear some good news about film distribution by the end of the month. This will potentially be the second film of ours to go into distribution. I’m never one to slow down, so the last two evenings have been spent reading three new scripts for possible production. The one I believe we’re working on the hardest is called “It’s All Relative,” which is a family comedy. [ Need Help Finding Your Way? ] 
My television production company LongLegs has two reality shows we produced, and I am currently selling a tattoo show entitled Linework about a local celebrity tattoo artist Lordgyn Belizaire. It is not a Miami Ink-style show but rather an Inside the Actor’s Studio meets Ink! We have such names as Bob Marley Jr. and Matt Barnes from the Lakers. The interviews get personal and deep hearing about Bob as a father and Matt’s loss of his mom to cancer, thus forming his foundation “Athletes Fighting Cancer.”
Amplification: We’re almost halfway through with 2012. What are your goals for the rest of the year?
Karin: I would really love to see the sale of the last feature film go into distribution and be in full pre-production before the end of the year on one of the scripts we are looking at. One of my real goals is to continue to bring more film projects in Florida. Florida-centric shows like CSI Miami and The Glades aren’t even filmed in this state for the most part, so my goal is to continue producing Florida-based films in the state. We have a possibility of Victoria Justice, who is a Florida native, reading for a role in the upcoming film. All of this will help Florida take its rightful place in the film industry and for KMK Films to play a big role in that.
Stay tuned for future articles to find out more about Karin’s upcoming tv and film projects. For more information, click here to visit Karin’s IMDB page or visit to learn more about her company, KMK Films. You also can follow her on Twitter at @KarinKelts. [ It is FREE to Register, Your Loved Ones Will Thank You! ]

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