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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dynamic DO!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
A Message From Steve Cabeza, Social Media Idea Man at Amplification, Inc.

Dynamic DO!

I get asked, often, as to my opinion on whether a business should spend more time, money, and effort on social media marketing (SMM) and search engine optimization (SEO). The answer is as easy as asking someone if they would like to make more profits: Yes. Both are important.

In the absence of the resources to do both, however, my default position is ALWAYS to proceed with SMM. Why? It is simply the difference between making your message become dynamic versus being passive. [ Find Your Way ]

If you are waiting for someone to search out your message/website/brand/product, then you are being passive. Even if you pay to have your website be top-ranked in “search” engines, you still are waiting for someone to search for your product or service.

Why not make your message dynamic and start generating activity, engagement, and interaction on social media? This way your message, piggybacked on what you do, eat, and see on a daily basis, becomes dynamic and you become proactive in your promotional and messaging efforts.

Barter Much?

Amplification, Inc. is always looking for new and exciting ways to proactively generate content on behalf of our clients and ourselves. Have you a product or service that you would like to barter or trade for social media marketing service/assistance?

Contact Marnie Goldberg or myself to schedule a brief WebEx presentation about Amplification, Inc.’s reach, approach, and capabilities. This is the first step in determining the best way to Amplify your message. [ Free to Register ]

Let us pitch the strategies and tactics to make your brand come alive on our social networks. Consider that 78 percent of people trust a peer recommendation versus 14 percent who trust advertising. Tap into our extensive, social media peer-network.

One Good Intern Deserves Another

Help us welcome Eric Seidmon to the Amplification, Inc. Team! He is an attorney and partner with the The SYM Law Group, LLC. His firm recently joined the Davie-Cooper City Chamber of Commerce. While at one of the Chamber’s recent networking events, he met Marnie Goldberg (Social Medium at Amplification, Inc.). One thing led to the next, and, well let Eric tell it in his own words:

“Starting a business, especially in this economy, is challenging and learning best how to leverage social media to support our efforts is paramount to our success, so I really was fortunate that Amplification, Inc. is so dynamic. I’ve learned a ton and I’m just getting started.”

Don’t worry, Eric, we plan to keep you busy AND help your business prosper. Eric’s firm can help you with contract law, consumer protection, and real estate law ( Follow them on Twitter at @SympleLaw.

Interested in helping out Amplification, Inc. as they help Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and all of South Florida make sense of social media marketing? Do you just want to learn new and novel ways to help your business grow with social media? E-mail Marnie at for details. Amplification, Inc. is South Florida’s fastest growing social media marketing company. We have Business Development opportunities open, too.