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Monday, February 4, 2013

KMK Films Inks Deal for "Amelia's 25th"

Karin Kelts of KMK Films

In “Catching Up With Karin,” Karin Kelts — model, actress, and film and television producer — hinted at a new feature film project in the works.  On Monday, January 21, 2013, Kelts’ company KMK Films sold the distribution rights to the film, Amelia’s 25th to Breaking Glass Pictures. Kelts, an international model and actress, also stars in the film as Eve.
Electra Avellan plays Amelia
Starring Danny Trejo, Jennifer Tilly, Margaret Cho, Ashley Parker Angel and Electra Avellan as Amelia, the film takes the viewer on a day in the life of Amelia, a struggling Hollywood actress on the verge of turning 25. While most people are excited for their birthdays, Amelia doesn’t feel the same, especially since 25 is pretty much over the hill in the actress world. Amelia has some sources of wisdom to guide her along the way, including a movie star, photographer, casting director, psychics, plus-size sex shop owners and a cross-dressing neighbor. The movie also features the first on-screen appearance by director Robert Rodriguez of From Dusk ‘Til Dawn and Desperado fame.
The project is KMK Films’ second feature film to go into distribution, but that doesn’t mean Kelts is resting on her laurels. 
“I’m never one to slow down,” she says. “I’m constantly reading scripts and developing television programs via the television side of my production company, Long Legs Production.”
A Miami native, Kelts’ goal is to continue to bring film and television projects to Florida.
Click here to visit the IMDB page for Amelia’s 25th or visit to learn more about KMK Films and Long Legs Production. You also can follow her on Twitter at @KarinKelts.