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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Delivering What's In Store for Caché

Caché and MRA Design Boast a 20-Year Business Relationship
MRA Design delivers Cache's signature look. 
Twenty-year romantic relationships are rare today, but even rarer is the 20-year business relationship. Customer service, delivering on projects and continuing to push creative boundaries are the secret to Miami-based design firm MRA Design’s and nationwide specialty retail store Caché’s business success. 
One of the first cues that MRA Design offers special customer service touches is when you call the main office phone. Jeri Rosenthal, Owner of MRA Design, answers the phone.
“Our policy has always been to focus on customer relations and make our customers feel like family,” Rosenthal says. “Getting someone’s voicemail doesn’t give off that feeling.”
MRA Design has been designing both retail and residential spaces since its inception. For Caché executives, MRA’s ability to provide a store that looks expensive, yet doesn’t have to be in terms of design elements, is why the company continues to rely on MRA Design.
“Our company is a fast-paced environment, and we need a partner who provides great concepts and drawings with a fast turnaround,” says Clifford Gray, Vice President of Construction at Caché stores. “MRA has a great design eye, and they pay attention to giving us a store that looks rich and beautiful, but is conscious in terms of costs. That’s very critical in our business.”
Constructing a High-Class Retail Space
Caché has more than 260 stores in 43 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and MRA Design helps to keep their look fresh. The retail stores are intended to provide the feel of shopping in a boutique with the convenient access to an upscale mall.  To design a space, MRA Design starts off with the client’s mission and goes from there.
“We do full design from concept to completion,” Rosenthal says. “They give us a space layout, and we design it from floor to ceiling, including fixtures, flooring finishes and full construction documents.”
While the customer service aspects haven’t changed in the 20-year business relationship, technology has. MRA Design used to provide hand-drafted designs. Today, design technology allows MRA Design to streamline their process and e-mail Caché a 3-D model of a new retail store, outlet or re-vamp of an existing store.
Whatever the project or process, Gray says he feels valued as a customer.
“Without question, it’s a company with integrity, who always pays attention to detail and there for you when have questions or needs,” Gray says. “I feel they care about me as a client, and they hit the mark with the concepts we ask them to execute.”
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