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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Secret to American Productivity

What would make Americans work an extra hour each day isn’t overtime pay or even more flexible hours. But they will work the extra 60 minutes if they have a better-designed workplace, according to a research study the Gensler architecture firm conducted
Cameron Free, Marketing Assistant with the Boca Raton, Florida-headquartered ClientFirst Settlement Funding, business knows this firsthand.
“Our office is a huge first impression for potential employees,” Free says. “There have been candidates that came to job interviews and said that their first impression of our company is the sign at the door.”
The orchestrator behind this sign is SIGNARAMA USA, BOCA/DELRAY. Mike Sneiderman, who is the co-owner of SIGNARAMA along with his son Dave, met with marketers at ClientFirst to determine the best way to make a good first impression for employees and clients alike.
 As a company that purchases and sells structured settlements and annuities, ClientFirst wanted a sign that had a physical presence. The result was an 8-foot long, 2-foot tall sign installed with special lights to provide a backlight that flooded the front portion in a halo of light.
“It’s a drop-dead gorgeous sign,” says Sneiderman, who recently accepted a national award from SIGNARAMA for his business. “The sign provides the perfect complement to the large, open spaces the building has.”
When ClientFirst expanded their office space from 25,000 to 50,000 feet, adding an entire new floor of space, the company called on SIGNARAMA to make yet another sign.
“I think that one sign is very impressive, but two identical signs is that much more impressive,” Free says.
Don’t Ignore the Details
From signage to a logical office layout, office design is a vital part of productivity and status.
“Don’t look at an office as merely a space, but an opportunity to plan a space well,” says Jeri Rosenthal, Owner of MRA Design, a residential, hospitality, commercial and retail design agency based in Miami, Fla. “You can take a floor plan and maximize the space you need, optimizing it even if an office is short on space.”
Sneiderman reminds his sign clients that first impressions are a chance you only get once. Choose high-quality signs that make an impact and endure over time, and you won’t need to constantly replace them, which can save you money over the long run.
“To us, our sign speaks very highly of the work that we do and the quality we deliver,” Free says.
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