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Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Look Behind the Scenes of Amelia’s 25th

KMK Productions Film Hits Video Distribution Aug. 6
What do you do when you want Hollywood stars like Danny Trejo, Margaret Cho and Jennifer Tilly to act in roles you wrote just with them in mind? If you are KMK Productions, the answer is “You call them.”

That’s just what Karin Kelts, Mark Whittington and Kim St. Leon, the trio behind KMK Productions did when casting their film Amelia’s 25th, which hits video distribution on August 6. On January 21, 2013, the production company brokered a deal for distribution rights with Breaking Glass Pictures.
The film takes the viewer on a day in the life of Amelia, a struggling Hollywood actress on the verge of turning 25. While most people are excited for their birthdays, Amelia doesn’t feel the same, especially since 25 is pretty much over the hill in the actress world of Los Angeles. Electra Avellan plays the title role and Whittington and Kelts also have roles as Peter the narrator and Eve, respectively.
Karin Kelts
Creating the All-Star Cast
In addition to the interest in the movie’s part-romp, part-dark comedy storyline, what is most interesting is how the movie came to be. Mark, who co-wrote the film with Nicholes Cole, wrote parts such as the psychic, with certain stars in mind.
Mark Whittington
“When I was writing it, I said ‘this is a Jennifer Tilly role that needs a person that’s quirky, sexy and maybe even a little weird,” he says. “Then we just called Jennifer Tilly, and she took it.”
The story was similar to stars Danny Trejo, of Machete fame, and Margaret Cho, who plays a sex shop owner.
“Part of Margaret’s early comedy routine tells of how she grew up working in her parents’ bookstore, which had a pornography section,” Mark explains. “She was a perfect fit and said yes within 24 hours.”
Working Against Type
Trejo’s part was more interesting because it is a comedic role, where he typically plays more serious, often villainous action roles.
“Danny’s got an amazing sense of humor, and I can guarantee viewers have never seen him this funny,” Mark says.
Another interesting facet of this movie is the role of Emilio Cruz, the rich and powerful Hollywood director. Even KMK Productions producers were surprised when legendary director Robert Rodriguez agreed to play the role, marking his onscreen acting debut. Rodriguez and Trejo will work together once again on the sequel to the successful Machete, called Machete Kills that hits theaters in October 11 of this year.
These elements, plus top-notch storytelling equal a movie in the vein of 200 Cigarettes, Garden State and Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.
“It’s the ‘little movie that could,’” Mark says. “We’re very fortunate we got our first choices on all the film’s roles.”
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