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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Not Just a Truck Stop #Davie #Florida #Amplify

Florida 595 Truck Stop is a destination location that has all the signs of a great business. 

When you think of truck stops, you probably don’t think of aesthetically pleasing buildings, hair and spa services, home-cooked meals, two truck washes, a laundromat, showers, a truck service and certified weigh center, Vegas-style arcade, or a beer and wine lounge. Unless you’ve visited Florida 595 Truck Stop.

Conveniently situated between the Florida Turnpike and I-95, Florida 595 Truck Stop is a home away from home for truckers. Sitting on 40 acres of property, the newest and largest truck stop in South Florida is 110 miles from the next nearest truck stop.

“A lot of truckers told us time and again that they wished there was a truck stop here,” says John Tanella, general manager of Florida 595 Truck Stop. “They’d drop off their cargo at Port Everglades and have to drive 100 miles to get to a truck stop. This was built in response to their need for a close truck stop where they can enjoy their downtime before hitting the road again.”

Visual Aids

As some may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of a three-building truck stop with more than 40,000 square feet, John knew he’d need quality signage to point folks in the right direction. After bringing in a handful of vendors, he met Gina Leggiere, owner of Davie SIGNARAMA.

“The guys from Florida 595 Truck Stop have such passion for what they’re doing,” Gina says. “When Davie SIGNARAMA was awarded the job, we began to design and create quality signs that would lend a hand to the truck stop’s long-term success.”

The end result was hundreds of easy-to-read, attractive directional signs. In addition to signs pointing from one point at Florida 595 Truck Stop to the other, Davie SIGNARAMA created a gorgeous wall wrap. And just in case customers forget where they are, a huge 20-foot 3-dimensional truck hanging overhead serves as a reminder that this is a high-tech truck stop with everything needed to relax and get ready for another long haul on the road.

“Gina and everyone at Davie SIGNARAMA was incredibly professional and accommodating,” John says. “As soon as you drive onto the property, it’s obvious where to go for the services you need, and it’s because of Gina’s expertise and attention to detail. We took our sign needs to a professional, and she responded in kind.”

Want to connect with a sign company that makes creating and installing signs the easiest part of your next project? Whether you’re building a 40,000 square foot building or need some new signs to rebrand your business, call Davie SIGNARAMA at (954) 476-4923,, or Or visit Gina and the whole Davie SIGNARAMA team at 1906 So. University Drive, Davie, Florida 33324.

Need to get your truck on a certified scale or want somewhere with 24-hour security where you can park for the night while on the road? Want to fill up somewhere that has the lowest gas prices around? Swing into Florida 595 Truck Stop for a truck stop that goes above and beyond your expectations. Visit or call (888) 595-FUEL for more information.

This article was written exclusively for The Club by Daniel Brantley, who once dreamed of driving a big rig across the country and now has a hard time staying awake after driving for two hours. For your safety, he’ll stick to hanging out at Florida 595 Truck Stop. Find him online at, drop him a line at, and follow his truck-loving life at

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