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Monday, June 20, 2011

Deli, Cops, Coffee, Kudos, LBM & GreenDesign, Oh My!

Please welcome Michael's Restaurant and Wine Bar to the Amplification, Inc. social media family by clicking here to like their fan page! In March, Michael and Jerry Lochiatto took over operations in the lobby restaurant at the Ft. Lauderdale Resort and Hotel, near the Parrot Lounge and McSorley's Beach Pub. They sure do deli well! Can't wait to try the rest of the menu. Thanks to Ed at McSorley’s for spreading the word about how Amplification, Inc. helps Ft. Lauderdale’s coolest rooftop hot spot!

Hollywood's favorite Uncle Rich has a great live video feed on his Facebook page. He is promoting the Yellow Bikini Beach Bar at the Hollywood Ramada Inn that sits directly across the street from his world-infamous Harrison Street Wine Gallery. Please follow Rich's exploits on Twitter and Facebook.

Condolences to the Hollywood cops (and other staffers) who were recently laid off. Teachers, police officers, firefighters, first-responders, and other folks who are the bedrock of our society and our beloved American way of life should never be laid off. Economies and empires are built on the backs of these folks who perform their jobs out of passion, and are motivated by a deeper calling than the almighty buck. Their livelihoods should be sacrosanct, and poor governance that results in such decisions does none of us well. I only wish I had the resources to hire every one of those people who were unceremoniously let go. Keep the faith, because better days are ahead.

Networking Pays!

I can't say enough about the event that Kings Cup put on for the Fort Lauderdale Chamber's GBLX networking event (thanks again to Sully at Eco-Friendly Auto Center for bringing us in, and thanks to Drew Miller for making us stay!). Kings Cup really impressed me with the food, bar, and cool vehicle wrap akin to what Davie SIGNARAMA does. But the thought that went into devising their raffle prizes, which showcased their brand and offering, was really well conceived.

Kings Cup started as a coffee delivery service. They have since morphed into so much more! The list of deliverables they can bring to your door now includes sporks (so underappreciated), tuna, Snickers, toilet paper, coffee filters, tea, napkins, paper towels, ice cream, condiments, and well—the list goes on. I learned this because I stalked the door prize winners around the warehouse as they collected their 22 individual inventory-prizes. Kudos to Will and Shawn and staff. You guys did it right and were super creative in your giveaway!

This specific GBLX networking event spurred immediate economic activity. Just ask Marcia Craig of Print Basics ( or Michael Haigh of Foxtail Landscape Solutions ( Marcia is working on an Amplification, Inc. order this very moment, and Michael will soon help the grounds at Club Cabeza transform into a more eco-friendly landscape via Florida-friendly and water-miserly terrain design. Can't wait! Michael, I love the job you did for Sully at Eco-Friendly Auto Center.

Get Social

Do you want more revenue and more consumer traffic at your place of business? Are you taking advantage of Facebook Places and Foursquare? If not, please call or email Marnie or I immediately!! People are "checking-in" and "liking" your business right now on Facebook and Foursquare whether you have set up your profile or not! Leverage that to your benefit via the social circles/networks of your most loyal and outspoken customers. This effort will pay immediate, tangible, and trackable dividends and offer results that will impress anyone.

“This is easy to implement,” says Marnie Goldberg, Social Medium with Amplification, Inc. And as she so often repeats to drive home the point: “You will be so happy after you do this and you will get immediate results!”

Please, please, please subscribe to this blog, like Club Cabeza or Amplification, Inc. on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. Email us if you need to tap into our integrated blog-to-Facebook-to-Twitter-to-LinkedIn network. Social media is fun, so jump onboard with us and let's all help each other generate more business!

Marnie and I love being members of the Davie-Cooper City Chamber of Commerce. I still need to get used to the “Davie hug,” but I can't imagine a more welcoming, fun, warm, and sincere group of business people. Thanks to you all! We have been members less than 2 months and have already paid for our membership three times over! Click here and join their fan page and follow them on Twitter.

You Can Help

Gary Hough is taking part in The Make-A-Wish Dream Date Auction on July 29 at Opium nightclub ( He is a member of their all-volunteer board and is tasked to find sponsors for this deserving cause. If you are interested and willing to be a sponsor, connect with Gary on Facebook by clicking here. Gary is a firefighter who lives off of MonaVie. He spends all of his off-duty time in the gym and is ready to autograph your copy of him in the forthcoming firefighter calendar.

MonaVie may help you get abs and energy like Gary. Attend a meeting and see if it’s for you. The next one is set for Tuesday, June 28, from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. at the Renaissance Hotel & Resort, 1230 South Pine Island Road, Plantation, Florida 33324. Cost is $5.

Help me convince Anja-Isable Hessert, vice president of business development for Dauerflora GreenDesign, to donate some of their ambiance-enriching, eco-friendly and decorative-preserved, artificial hydroculture products to the Club. My heart’s desire is to get the distinctive, wild bamboo pieces arranged in black river rock to jazz up my pad. Please like the Dauerflora Facebook page by clicking here and help me modernize my lair! And check out their website photos if you’re in interior design in the residential, cruise line, yachting, hospital/healthcare, Earth-friendly, or hotel/hospitality industry.

And thank you, Heidi, author of Your blog is uber-popular, and the Club appreciates the traffic you drive our way. Kudos!

This post was written by Steve Cabeza, Amplification, Inc.'s Idea Man. Daniel K. Brantley is the freelance writing asset that Club Cabeza can't do without. He can help you, too. Check him at or He researches topics, manages interviews and approvals, communicates progress, navigates corporate politics, conducts research, fact-checks, and delivers a consistently superior experience every time I deal with him. He can do that for you, too. Please email us at Amplification, Inc. when you are ready to increase awareness about your business. We will craft a viral and guerilla messaging campaign to help you leverage social media. We currently reach 23,000 people and counting.