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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Civilian-Approved Services

Steve Cabeza, taken with an EVO Smartphone.
The story of a non-real estate professional’s interaction with Mellex Title Services, LLC.

When Antonio and Claudia Pacheco decided to purchase a home together, they weren’t sure what to expect. Neither had bought a home before, and after talking with their friends, they were a bit nervous about the process. After all, there were hoops that had to be jumped through, various real estate professionals to deal with, and jargon that is as confusing as it can be intimidating.
“We needed someone to lead us, so that we would know every document and paper we signed would be legitimate and that we understood everything we were signing,” Claudia says a week after closing. “Some of our friends said we shouldn’t’ expect any interaction from the title company until the closing, but Mellex was there every step along the way.”


After connecting with Jenn Doak, realtor with Keller-Williams Realty of Southeast Fort Lauderdale, the Pachecos asked for a recommendation on a title company. As Jenn turns to Mellex every opportunity she has, Antonio and Claudia soon met Melanie Levine, owner of Mellex Title. Soon after, they put her and her team to work.
Once Antonio and Claudia’s dream house in Hollywood, Florida, was under contract, Melanie and the Mellex team tracked down land surveys, ran title checks on the property to ensure it had a clean title, and stayed in constant contact with the Pachecos. Between having a knowledgeable realtor and a readily available title team, it’s not surprising that Claudia and Antonio made it through the home-buying process unscathed, smiles still in place.
Family Affair

As Antonio and Claudia begin their family in their new Hollywood home, they were also welcomed into the Mellex Title family. No—neither of them are planning to get a job with the company. But Claudia and her husband were treated like family from day one.
“It’s not just about business for the Mellex team—it’s about building relationships with customers, making the entire experience a good one,” Claudia says. “They made sure we fully understood what was going on, and they offered great customer service. If we ever need to buy another property, I will definitely be going back to Melanie at Mellex Title and Jennifer Doak at Keller-Williams!” [ Read an earlier blog post about another experience Keller-Williams had with Mellex Title ]

Want an equally amazing experience during your next closing? Don’t look in the phone book. Look to Mellex Title Services, LLC. Wish they were located closer to you? Have no fear! They’ve done closings across the country, offering the same level of customer service as if you were in their backyard. Contact Mellex at (954) 748-5550, find them online at, contact Melanie Levine directly at (954) 914-5858 or, or follow Mellex on Twitter!

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