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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Consider it Closed! #Realestate #Title #Florida

Why a 30-year real estate veteran picks Mellex National Title over the rest. 

First, let’s get something out of the way. Edie Grien-Scherer is not a friend of Mellex Title owner Melanie Levine. They didn’t go to high school together. They don’t hang out on the weekends. Their families don’t get together for dinner. They’ve never even eaten lunch together. So why is Edie so sold on Mellex’s title services?

“Melanie is the most assisting and knowledgeable person I’ve ever had the privilege of doing business with,” says Grien-Scherer, CRS, e-PRO, SRES, broker associate with Coldwell Banker in Weston, Florida. “When I work with her or recommend someone else use her, I know it’ll close on time and with no problems.”

The Clouds Parted

What gives the 30-year real estate pro such confidence? It all started a couple of years ago when Grien-Scherer's favorite title attorney picked up and moved out of town. She tried title company after title company, title attorney after title attorney. But the transactions were not handled to Grien-Scherer’s meticulous standards. Processors were sloppy and attorneys were rarely available and could never be contacted on weekends or after hours. Then she called Levine at Mellex Title. Suddenly, the clouds parted and a stream of sunshine fell upon Grien-Scherer’s head.

Okay, that didn’t quite happen. But something pretty magical did. Levine answered the phone

“She always does,” Grien-Scherer says. “If you have a question that is urgent enough for you to call her, Melanie answers, no matter if it’s after hours, on the weekend, or even in the middle of her son’s baseball game!”

An Easy Recommendation 

But Grien-Scherer’s love for Mellex doesn’t stop at answered phone calls. A stickler for honesty and integrity, she appreciates Levine’s commitment to ensuring customers are treated fairly—even if it means Mellex Title makes a little less money on the transaction. Grien-Scherer is also constantly impressed by the Mellex team’s willingness to do whatever it takes to find solutions to problems that may arise, and she’s pretty sure Levine and her team have handled every potential real-estate-related problem known to man.

Hence why she picks Mellex whenever she can.

“It’s often hard to recommend home inspectors or other trade professionals, because they don’t always work out too well,” Grien-Scherer says. “So when I make those recommendations, I give a caveat that I can’t promise things will go perfectly. But when I recommend Mellex Title, I do it with full confidence, because I’m 100 percent sure that the entire experience will be a positive one.” Need a title company that keeps promises, goes the extra mile to make your job easier and your customers happy, and saves everyone money in the process? Want to work with title professionals who answer the phone? Then you want and need Mellex Title, LLC. Call them today at (954) 748-5550, visit them online at, or contact Melanie Levine directly at (954) 914-5858. Find Mellex on Facebook by clicking here, and follow along on Twitter by clicking here

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