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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another Good Reason to Hit the Beach

Hit the Sand (and Volleyball) For a Good Cause

Club Cabeza guest poster Kari Geck shares an upcoming event that’s fun for the whole family and close to her heart. Kari writes:
For the past nine summers, my family and I have participated in and attended the annual Cerebral Palsy Volleyball Challenge. This year marks the 27th anniversary of the event, which will be held on June 2 and 3 at the Lauderdale Beachside Hotel.
On the first weekend in June, the beach plays host to hundreds of people who come out for United Cerebral Palsy’s fun-filled, sun-soaked family friendly event. I got involved through my previous job at The Miami Herald, who generously supported and gave ad space in exchange for two teams to play in the United Cerebral Palsy charity event. At this time, my challenge was to coordinate the two teams of eight players each. The co-ed teams must have at least two women playing at all times—I had three gals and guys thanks to one lady teammate who was a “relief spiker”/ringer.
Although I no longer work at the paper, I always hold the event close to my heart. When I started a new advertising/marketing sales job from home, I needed a new sponsor to enter the event. Like Amplification, Inc., I relied on the power of social media to scout for a sponsor. I got a swift reply: Matt Blank and Gina Leggiere, co-owners of Davie SIGNARAMA stepped up to the net. After learning how this disability has touched Gina’s life, we knew it was the perfect match. Especially since we are hard-working ladies from New Jersey who love the beach and giving our blood, sweat and donations to this worthy South Florida cause.
Last year, this weekend-long fundraising event generated more than $7,000. My 12-year-old son CJ or “Coach Joe” as we call him served as our coach, motivating and keeping our team focused and on-task. His participation is a great example of what a family-oriented and fun event this can be.
Even if you aren’t ready to sign up to bring a team to the event “Sharing” this event on your Facebook, e-mail, Twitter or other social media outlet is at the heart of successful marketing. I encourage you to “pay it forward” for this worthy cause—because it’s the right and fun thing to do.
For more information on this event, visit or call Pat Murphy at (954) 257-6639 or Jackie Nunez at (561) 357-7779, ext. 13.

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On March 29, The Club shared some common misconceptions about life insurance policies, most importantly that your life insurance company will track down your beneficiaries should something happen to you. Your loved ones may be unaware of the company that holds the policy, and if you have changed addresses without updating, they may never get the money you have paid to provide.
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An Inspiring Story, An Incredible Cause

From fear to sorrow, each person had a different emotional reaction to the September 11th attacks. New York City Firefighter Stephen Siller felt emotions of bravery and duty. After finishing a firefighter shift with New York Firefighter’s Squad 1, Siller was heading home when he heard the news of the attacks. As he raced to get back to the World Trade Center, he found the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel closed. Instead of giving up, he ran toward the fallen towers in full firefighter gear, ready to help those in need.
Siller lost his life that day, working hard to save others, but his memory lives on in the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. Begun as a charity run to retrace Siller’s footsteps from the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to the World Trade Center, the race brings more than 20,000 runners to New York each year.
In 2011, Siller’s powerful story was celebrated in Fort Lauderdale when more than 3,000 runners and walkers signed up to honor Siller’s memory and raise funds for quadruple amputee servicemen from the current war to receive specialized smart homes that allow them to live independently.  
“Participants ran along side firefighters in full gear,” says Cindy Campbell, Director of Client Relations and Events at Fort Lauderdale’s Patriot National Insurance Group, who organizes the event. “It was inspirational to have community members come together for this amazing and worthy cause.”
If you’re inspired by the Tunnel to Towers mission, mark your calendars for Saturday, September 8 at 7:30 a.m. when the Fort Lauderdale event takes place. From participants to volunteers, many are needed to ensure the event’s success.
To find out how you can get involved, visit or e-mail
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