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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Ninth Wave, Demo Time, and Social TV

Six Questions for: Daryll Dobson
By: Rachel Nall, Writer, Amplification, Inc.
Club Cabeza recently included a review of The Ninth Wave’s latest CD, Time in Transition. After giving the CD a listen, I sat down with Dobson to learn more about the musical influences surrounding the CD. 
Time in Transition Available Now!

Club Cabeza: What were you and your band members hoping to accomplish in creating this album?
Daryll Dobson: The band has been formed to create music that awakens the cosmic consciousness of our audiences. The message of the music is one of universal hope, love and cosmic energy. The Ninth Wave is a channel for this awareness, for music and spiritual energy.
Club Cabeza: Who are your musical inspirations for this album?
Daryll Dobson: The music is inspired by Western and Eastern Masters.
Club Cabeza: It seems you took these inspirations to create new inspirations. What would you consider the source of the musical message?
Daryll Dobson: The songs are inspired by many important mystical places, ancient alien theory, the Mayan calendar and the December 21, 2012 planetary alignment. These are the sources of the message and as important as the music itself.
Club Cabeza: How much of a challenge was it for you as an accomplished jazz composer and guitarist to incorporate and improvise Indian music concepts?
Daryll Dobson: The performance of the music requires a high level of technical execution on all instruments due to the complexity of both genres.
Club Cabeza: What can listeners expect when they purchase the CD?
Daryll Dobson: They will receive a message, not verbal, but an intuitive knowing that we are much more than the activities we pursue every day.
Club Cabeza: This is your first recording as an ensemble, but your fifth CD as an artist. Where can listeners find your other recordings?
Daryll Dobson: Previous recordings include: The Mind Electric featuring Daryll Dobson, L. Shankar, Tony Thunder Smith, Fernando Saunders and more; Studio 21, a solo jazz excursion; Healing Intentions featuring Gerry Brown, Kenwood Dennard and Rael Wesley Grant; and Reality Check featuring Kenwood Dennard and Rael Wesley Grant.
Ready to check out “Time in Transition” for yourself? Visit or The album is available on iTunes, AirPlayDirect and

EcoCentric October Update
October continues to be a busy time for EcoCentric, a South Florida-based, environmentally friendly contracting company that is wrapping up several key projects and ramping up new ones.
In the new project category, EcoCentric been awarded the contract and are in process of completing a 55,000-square foot demo job out of 92,000 square feet at a Kmart in Plant City, Florida. Following the demo job, the existing location will be converted to a Ross store. This job has a radical and impressive amount of recycling of materials including asphalt, metal, and much more, making EcoCentric the right fit for this undertaking. The EcoCentric team expects more than 100 tons of metal will be recycled. Following the demo’s completion, the building will be converted into a Ross, Marshall’s and Pet Supermarket complex.
Another demo job recently added is a boarded-up building in Miami located at 79th Street and NW 2nd Avenue. Like the Ross project, this is a recycle-heavy job with walk-in refrigerators and freezers. Additional forthcoming projects include a demo job at the Panera Bread Company in Davie and a selective interior demo job for Ann Taylor Loft at Aventura Mall.
Speaking of Aventura Mall, EcoCentric is putting the finishing touches on the H&M store job and is 99 percent complete on this project. The Saks Fifth Avenue project at Bal Harbour is also in the finishing stages and is estimated at 80 percent completion.
Another completed project is that of a large, floating boat dock in Key Largo.
EcoCentric looks forward to adding more new projects using their environmentally conscious methods. To see EcoCentric’s projects for yourself, visit the Amplification, Inc. YouTube Channel where you can see EcoCentric Demolitions and Removing Metal from the Waste Stream.

What Is Social TV? Find Out Here
Guest Blogger Don Tolep on Social Media
Where ever I go everyone is talking about social media. Retailers have Facebook stickers in the window asking their customers to “like” them, restaurants create incentive's for their customers to Yelp for them, Golf Country Clubs are sending out tweets on their new membership offers and so on.

So how does social media and the use of mobile apps affect TV advertising and other traditional marketing venues? Does this mean that traditional TV advertising is as obsolete as the audio cassette player? Well, the research is quite surprising.

It appears that TV’s share of the overall marketplace remains very strong. According to Nielsen and Scarborough research, TV continues to increase at 3 percent per year while the Internet continues to eclipse print space.

Digital advertising is certainly the future and using social media is at the tip of the tongue of marketers, however since TV viewing audiences remain engaged, marketers need to continue using TV as a main segment of their advertising budget.

Why is that you ask? There are many factors to this explanation. The ability to stimulate emotion and high quality audio and video is partly the recipe. Audiences love to relax in front of the TV with their favorite sporting event or reality show. Of course, their iPhone and tablet is handy and in use simultaneously. This is a no-brainer for our multitasking, younger generation folks.

The top advertising agencies are advising their clients to blend their messages over a “multi-screen” format. TV still helps a brand stand, build frequency and place a message in front of a targeted and sometimes localized demographic. Although a banner ad or Google search cannot match that, getting peers to speak directly to their peers about that same product or service without it sounding “salesy” is word-of-mouth advertising on steroids. What a combo!

The future is a new category called Social TV. Marketers will be able to measure a TV ad’s impact by determining how many users are tweeting during an advertisement and overall likeability. Marketers also can track integrations between the brand and the user. Stay tuned…

Don Tolep is a Marketing and Advertising Specialist based in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. For more information, visit or e-mail Don at