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Friday, March 9, 2012

The Sheriff, Used Cars, and the right Thrive!

Scott Israel

A New Sheriff In Town
Even if your New Year’s resolutions are out the window, there’s still something important you must do in 2012: Vote. In addition to the Presidential election, you must consider the elections here in our own backyard if you're a Broward County resident, like I. Don’t ignore the local elections because these officials will directly affect you.
One election that’s sure to be highly contested in 2012 is the race for Broward County Sheriff. Here’s why you should care: In addition to keeping you safe, the sheriff’s office has more than 6,300 employees and a budget of $700 million. You don’t want to trust that budget to just anyone. You want to trust it to the person who will keep you safe and command the kind of department that puts ethical and fair treatment first and does his best to spend locally.

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I’m still deciding who to vote for because I believe it’s important to be an educated and informed citizen, and there is still plenty of time left to evaluate the candidates. That means I’m staying up to date on campaigns via social media (my favorite!), the newspapers and various websites. Whatever your favorite way to get the news, resolve to spend an extra five minutes or so a week catching up too. I’ve come across some interesting and altogether colorful information about one sheriff candidate, Louis Granteed. Read more about it here: Is Broward’s Louis Granteed the Democrat’s Herman Cain? and Broward Sheriff’s Candidate Counseled on Lunch-time Strip-Club Visit. I’m also learning more about Scott Israel at  These two guys are running for the Democratic nomination in the election to be held on August 14, and the winner will take on the incumbent Republican Sheriff (Al Lamberti) in November. 
When we both cast our ballots, we’ll know we made the decision that was best for our safety and for our friends and family in Broward County. A person we can trust with our funds and the running of a department that employs thousands. That’s the kind of sheriff you should elect, and that’s the one I’m hoping for too.

What Car Repairs and Your Health Have in Common
Finding out you need significant repairs to your car can be like going to the dentist and finding out you need a root canal: The unexpected expense may keep you from getting the repairs, but the problem isn’t going to go away.
But economic times are tough, and Ariel Chmielarz at Autologic, Inc. of Fort Lauderdale has seen an increasing number of people either leave their in-need-of-repair cars parked or drive them to an early death due to lack of needed repairs. That’s when Chmielarz sought to give customers an alternate solution: a 90-day same-as-cash agreement. 
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If car repairs your bank account may not be able to afford are recommended, you can fill out a quick form, pay a $35 registration fee and find out in 15 minutes if you qualify for a $1,500 line of credit that can be paid off with no interest charged in 90 days.
“Getting your needed repairs means you can drive your car longer and without the fear that it could break down on you,” Chmielarz says. “The 90-day same-as-cash offer helps you get the repairs you need in a more comfortable time frame.”
Three Signs You Have the Right Mechanic
With more than 32 years in business, Chmielarz and the Autologic employees pride themselves on quality service and a commitment to customers. If you aren’t sure your mechanic is offering you the same standards, here are some of his tips for finding a quality repair shop for your car:
Time-tested. If a shop has survived 10 years or more, it has likely built a customer following that relies on its reputability.
Clean. While working with cars may be dirty by nature, Chmielarz says it’s important that a shop take pride in its appearance—they’re more likely to offer the same respect to you and your car. 
Professional. From the way the mechanics are dressed to the way they treat you as a customer. If you are treated with professionalism and respect, you are better able to rely on them.
Ariel’s Autologic offers service and repair for every make and model automobile. Ariel is also in the market for used cars, trucks, motorcycles, and RVs. For more information visit or call (954) 462-7560.

Moving Forward to Change Your Life
Letting go of past wrongs helped one woman find her romantic soul.
If four months ago, you had told Jennifer Pedrizzetti that she would have moved past life-altering events in her personal and professional life to begin her own business, she probably wouldn’t have believed you.
Today, she does because she found a life coach who made her believe change was possible. She credits the beginning of these transformations to her life coach Fran Asaro, CEO of Thrive Any Way, a life coaching and business consulting company. And last Saturday, Jennifer launched her own company thanks to their sessions.
Letting Go, Moving Forward
Jennifer e-mailed Fran and signed up for 12 weeks of coaching.
“I told Fran that my life was just not where I wanted it to be,” Jennifer said. “We started with goals and values that I had as well as how to move forward past the personal and professional relationships that had been holding me back.” 
These coaching sessions with Fran brought about forgiveness.
“Many of my clients say I am the first person to give them permission to be themselves,” Fran said. “I am not particularly attached to what they do, whether they change what they do or what people think. I am, however, very attached to their joy.”
By helping Jennifer learn to love herself again, an idea for a new business emerged. Through their coaching sessions, Jennifer said that Fran helped her to find a job she could do that doesn’t even feel like work at all.
“Fran ignited the passion in my life, and I realized that you have start with love for yourself before you can share it with others,” Jennifer said.
That’s where the idea for was born. Jennifer’s website focuses on everything romantic, from personal relationships to loving yourself. Launched on Saturday, November 19, the website features three chief sections. The first is for love stories, both fictional and true life. Visitors also are invited to share their stories with other readers. The second portion features exclusive articles currently dedicated to romance, including seasonally appropriate suggestions for date-night ideas and romantic getaways.
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The final section is a members-only access site where members can receive weekly newsletters and even a customized service where you can write a love letter to yourself or a loved one. The letter is then sent to a calligrapher and presented on specialized paper or finished with a wax seal. Each month will offer a different love letter style; from scrolls to a puzzle your loved one can assemble. The site doesn’t feature advertisements, so Jennifer hopes it will be a place where visitors can enjoy and re-kindle their own romantic relationships.
From Stuck to Unstoppable
If you are ready to change your own life, make the business dream in your mind a reality or move on from life challenges, Fran can help you thrive in the way that’s best for you. Call her for an appointment at (954) 370-8001 or e-mail her at For more information on the ways Fran can help you, visit
In the meantime, visit Jennifer’s new website—visit to find the romance in your own life. Memberships also are available for purchase on eBay or