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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ready To Take Aim?

In an era where arms and ammunition stores look more like the Wal-Mart of gun shops, Hollywood Tactical Arms aims to do things a little differently. 
The Hollywood, Fla.-based store is just across from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and focuses on tactical and home defense arms and accessories. When you step into the store, you can expect to see Sig 9mm, AR-15/M-4 rifles and Hoyt bows and bow products. They have calibers starting at .223 going all the way up to .50. The store also has Microtech knives, Luminox watches and Leupold, Leica and Steiner binoculars and scopes.
NightHawk Custom 1911's
Who You Talkin’ To?
Much of the inspiration for starting the business came from past treatment at other gun shops. If you have found gun stores a little…intimidating in the past, Hollywood Tactical Arms Director and Owner Keith Camilo says you aren’t alone. Many arms stores have personnel who are less-than-friendly and/or less-than-knowledgeable.
HTA offers a wide selection of arms and accessories.
“Most of the employees that work here are either past military or past law enforcement officers,” Camilo says. “We’re knowledgeable without being gruff, and we’re here to answer any questions you have. You should never feel embarrassed about a question you have when you’re in our store.”
Camilo says customers range from a law enforcement officer to a person who always wanted to own and shoot a long-range rifle. Thanks to the employees’ expertise, Hollywood Tactical Arms is able to address a number of questions, from what’s legal to carry to how to clean the gun to in-depth specs about a particular firearm.
“All of our associates are professional and cordialthey don’t make up any answers, and they’ll find out for you if they don’t know an answer,” Camilo says.
Time to Try
Tactical firearm purchase often comes with a question: “Where do I shoot it?” Hollywood Tactical Arms is home to a long-range facility that shoots out to 1,000 yards. In addition to memberships to the long-range facility, Hollywood Tactical Arms offers a number of classes from rifle to conceal-and-carry classes. From how it works to how to care for it to how to shoot it, the store offers classes for a number of skill levels.
“We want to be the place people come back to and feel comfortable,” Camilo says. “We’re looking for lifelong customers.”
See Hollywood Tactical Arms for yourself on YouTube by clicking here. The store is located at the corner of Lucky Street and 441 in Hollywood. To learn more, see the newest inventory and get listings for classes, visit the Hollywood Tactical Arms Facebook page. You also can call the store directly at (954) 358-5470.