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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Helping Injured Employees Return to Work

Attempting to understand the insurance industry, particularly in Worker’s Compensation and Disability claims, can seem like speaking an entirely new language.

Unless you are Dan Varner, that is.

Varner is the owner of Varner Claims Consulting (VCC), a nationwide company with offices in Florida and Illinois dedicated to providing return-to-work solutions for businesses and their employees. With more than 30 years experience working in claims insurance, Varner brings a unique perspective to the return-to-work aspect when dealing with Worker’s Compensation and Disability claims.

The employer’s traditional approach is providing on-site light duty to an employee, when possible. However, this is not always an option for some employers. Employers are not always able to accommodate light/transitional duty work assignments within their operations. This may be due to the physical nature of the workplace, proximity of injured worker residence to the employer facility or an employer may not have a light/transitional duty program in place.

VCC off-site, light/transitional duty work assignment is an alternative resource to any current employer program. The company light/transitional work assignment program is an employer-based decision that can be spearheaded by the employer, claims handler, case manager, insurance company, third party claims administrator, broker, etc.

That’s where VCC comes in: the Company has a nationwide network of off-site work assignment connections that provide light/transitional duty with all job tasks being within the employees physical restrictions which are outlined by the physician. These off-site work assignments are typically in a non-profit facility.

“This is an advantageous solution for all parties,” Varner says.

VCC serves a wide variety of businesses on a national level and examples of common industries that benefit includes self-insured employers, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing and construction companies.

Bottom-Line on What Separates VCC From the Competition

Placing employees for light/transitional duty is a major service aspect for VCC, but not the only service offered. Varner says a large part of his business is to provide solutions for businesses regarding managing return-to-work issues. His experience and connections in the business mean the company has a large amount of expertise from which to draw.
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Speed and responsiveness are other aspects that set VCC apart. An estimated 87% of employees are placed within 24 hours and 12% are completed within 48 hours. Varner and his staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to requests. The company also offers electronic time-card tracking that is accessible at all times to employers.

“This business is about making and maintaining relationships while providing the results all parties deserve and expect on return-to-work handling,” Varner says.

To learn more about Varner Claims Consulting, LLC, visit, call (312) 450-3259 or e-mail Varner at