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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds, Guns & Ammo: They Belong Together

April Dorsey, planner extraordinaire at The D-Tales
Gotta Have It: Popcorn Bars
Dare-to-be-different wedding planner April Dorsey of The D-Tales is always on top of the latest trends in weddings and events. So when Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds got hitched a few weeks ago, they used an idea April suggests for weddings: serve-yourself popcorn bars. In this special post, April shares her must-have ideas on creating your own Reynolds/Lively-inspired popcorn bar. 

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds served popcorn to guests.
Giving wedding attendees gifts that don’t gather dust on a shelf or take a place of honor in the bottom of a trashcan are tough to come by. Candy buffets have been doing the trick, but there’s a new sweet (or salty, your choice) in town: Popcorn bars. From plain to caramel-covered, you can create a gourmet popcorn bar that looks cool and tastes even better.
Add these to your must-haves list:
•Five to seven containers. Whether they’re glass or plastic, make them interesting shapes, colors, whatever catches the eye.
Different-colored popcorn options make tasty gift bags.
• Tablecloth and decorations that match your overall theme. This can be as simple as bud vases with flowers from the ceremony or favorite framed photos.
• Scoops for popcorn. You don’t want your little cousin Timmy to ruin it for everyone by dipping his grubby hands in.
• Bags. Instead of ordering custom bags, why not buy bunches of multicolored bags and slap a fun sticker with a logo of your wedding on it? Or you can even place lots of stickers on the table for your guests so they can personalize their own bags.   
• Popcorn! Garrett’s popcorn from Chicago ( is always a winner and can be ordered with ease. Popcornopolis also is a fave (hello, they have pretty pink strawberries and cream popcorn!!!!). 

Commit to be different, brides! Popcorn is in!
If you are sassy, unique and have a big event around the corner, contact April at The D-Tales by e-mailing or calling (407) 687-6552. You also can follow her on Twitter at

The Holidays Are (Almost) Here

When department stores put out their Christmas merchandise, the holidays will be here before you know it. If you have not found the perfect venue for your office party, product launch or annual get-together, it’s time to give Bridget Sternshein, Director of Corporate Events at The Opium Group, a call.
The Opium Group owns Miami’s luxurious, most exclusive hotspots that make the perfect backdrop for a holiday-themed event. Locations include Cameo, Mansion, Mokai, Opium Nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and Set. In addition to the venues themselves, one of the best attributes in working with The Opium Group are the people. Sternshein and her team take a service-oriented approach to planning and can coordinate an unforgettable event from start to finish. The venues can accommodate small- to large-sized events, depending upon your needs.
Don’t miss the opportunity to host an event at one of The Opium Group’s venues. Contact Sternshein at (954) 770-7029 or via e-mail at

 And Now For Something Completely Different...
From gun enthusiast to beginner, Hollywood Tactical Arms offers a friendly, no-pressure approach to purchasing a new gun, knife or tactical accessory.
“We’re knowledgeable without being gruff, and we’re here to answer any questions you have,” says Keith Camilo, Hollywood Tactical Arms Director and Owner. “You should never feel embarrassed about a question you have when you’re in our store.”
From a fresh coat of paint in the store to a brand-new YouTube channel, you can see Hollywood Tactical Arms for yourself. Check out the latest video where Keith shares what’s the latest and greatest in the tactical arms world by clicking here.
Hollywood Tactical Arms prides itself on carrying high-quality specialty items from names like Nightforce, Glock, Hoyt, Sig, Leupold and Microtech. If you are interested in a long-range AR-15/M-4 rifle, Hollywood Tactical Arms gives you a place to shoot it, thanks to their long-range facility that shoots out to 1,000 yards.
Become of a friend of Hollywood Tactical Arms by visiting where sales, training classes and new videos are frequently posted. The store is located at the corner of Lucky Street and 441 in Hollywood or call the store at (954) 348-5470.

Varner Claims Consulting Offers Return-to-Work Solutions 
With more than 30 years of experience working in claims insurance, Dan Varner of Varner ClaimsConsulting (VCC) brings a unique perspective to the return-to-work aspect when dealing with Worker’s Compensation and Disability claims.
Follow VCC on Twitter at @VarnerClaims
When on-site light duty is not an option for an employee, VCC assists companies in establishing off-site, light/transitional duty work assignment as an alternative resource to any current employer program. Though based in Florida and Illinois, the company has a nationwide network of off-site work assignment connections that provide light/transitional duty with all job tasks being within the employee’s physical restrictions, which are outlined by the physician.
In addition to expertise and connections, VCC prides itself on responsiveness and customer service. An estimated 87 percent of employees are placed within 24 hours and 12 percent are completed within 48 hours. Varner and his staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to client requests. As an added convenience, VCC also offers electronic time-card tracking that is accessible at all times to employers.
VCC saves employers money and gets employees back to work. To learn more about the company and its services, visit, call (312) 450-3259 or e-mail Varner at