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Monday, August 8, 2011

Exploring the Total Woman #Amplify #Thrive

The story of one woman’s transformation.

When Michelle Kramer sat in the audience listening to Fran Asaro speak, something clicked. The passion and exuberance Fran conveyed that day about how each person creates his or her own destiny hit a chord deep within Michelle. Was it possible that Fran, founder and CEO of life and well-being coaching and business consulting company Thrive Any Way, could help Michelle overcome her lifelong shyness and insecurity?

“I was drawn to how Fran could light up a room, express herself, and exude fun and joy,” Michelle says. “I wanted to share my message about nutrition in the same way, but I was terrified to speak in front of people. There was a wild woman inside of me who wanted to get out, but she didn’t know how.”

Assisted Release

After a decade of working as a massage therapist, Michelle realized that Fran could be the key to helping her realize her full and true potential. It took every ounce of Michelle’s courage to reach out to Fran with hope that as her life coach, Fran could help her unleash the confidant and assertive soul lying dormant within her. Though a bit scary and unnerving, it was the beginning of a brave new world for Michelle.

“A triathlete, marathon runner, and massage therapist, Michelle had done a lot in life, but she had bigger visions that she couldn’t reach because of her own inner resistance,” Fran recalls. “We ran up against her resistance immediately, when Michelle wouldn’t even commit to a scheduled phone call.”

Instead of beating the shy out of Michelle, Fran applied the gentle and reassuring approach that has helped hundreds of her clients to find their own life rhythm and unique beat. Over time, with Fran’s help, Michelle uncovered, recognized, and connected with her childhood fears of inadequacy that led to confidence issues as an adult. With this knowledge, Michelle battled these fears and let them go, ultimately moving forward with renewed confidence and self-assurance.

Leap of Faith

Following two years of working with Fran, Michelle was more than ready to spread her wings and test her newfound strengths while actualizing her lifetime goals. As a healthcare professional, she dreamed of exploring the nutrition aspect of well-being. After working with Fran, Michelle went about changing her dream of becoming a holistic health coach into a reality. Despite the fact that her training took her back and forth to New York City from her home in Juno Beach, Florida, Michelle conquered this feat with determination and gusto. Since achieving certification, Michelle successfully piloted a five-week nutrition program with 300 inner city children in Philadelphia. She has even represented the American Heart Association (AHA), speaking in front of 10,000 people at the AHA’s annual Start! Heart Walk. Obviously, the shyness and lack of confidence was a thing of the past for Michelle.

As an organic health coach with Find Your Organic Soul, Michelle now promotes healthy living to individuals and corporations across the U.S. And while Michelle has taken charge of her life, she insists it would have been impossible without Fran’s guidance and uncanny understanding of how to explore, tap into, and experience her own greatness. And if the old fears begin to fester, Michelle uses the tools that Fran helped her to uncover.

“What Fran provides for me is a new pair of glasses that shows me the blind spots about myself that I can’t see,” Michelle says. “She’ll always be my coach, because when I had an impossible dream, she brought that dream to fruition.”

Today can be the first day of a fulfilled life

Are you just dreaming about the dream you’ve always envisioned or are you ready to make that dream your reality like Michelle did. Thrive your own way—and take control of your future. Call Fran for an appointment at (954) 370-8001 or contact her at It’s the first step of a new beginning. For more information about Fran and her valuable work, visit

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