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Monday, September 19, 2011

NFL for the Ladies

Inside the female-friendly world of

Founded in 2002 with the mission of providing an intimate, boutique experience that focuses on customer service, American Benefit Partners (ABP) provides an array of health insurance services to individuals, families, and corporations. As the owner of ABP, Leslie Carlet has her hands full.

However, that doesn’t keep her from pursuing another passion.

“I probably spend 50 percent of my day thinking about football and fantasy football,” Leslie says.

Knocking On The Door


Yes. Football. NFL to be exact. She got hooked on it while in college and hasn’t turned back. After spending a few years screaming at the TV, she decided to start a fantasy football league. At the end of the season, she was in dead last. Before the next season, she did her homework and took the top spot in her league. Currently, she is in a fantasy league with a college football player, a professional football player, and some others—including a few women.

But Leslie isn’t not the only woman interested in football, and it’s not all about fantasy football. (Interesting fact: Each year, a woman has come out on top in Leslie’s fantasy league.) In fact, a whopping one-third of the 150 million folks who watched the 2010 Super Bowl were women. When Leslie learned that, she started to talk football with women she knew.

To her surprise, many of them loved football and would scream their heads off during a game, but they didn’t understand much about the sport. That’s when a light bulb went off inside Leslie’s head. Instead of chatting up a few women who grasped the game she loved, while other women were left grasping for straws, Leslie founded

“The goal of is to go after the everywoman who wants to learn more about football,” Leslie says, “so I built a safe site that is inviting to women of all levels of football knowledge.”

What You’ll Find 

If you’ve not already hopped over to, prepare for love at first hike. Anything and everything you need to grow your football knowledge and spread your love of the game is at your fingertips. There is an easy-to-understand guide to the game, talking points to use in conversation after Sunday’s big game, a place to chat with other fans, fantasy football tutorials, and Guilty Pleasures—a section dedicated to the juiciest off-the-field stories. Additionally, you can get your football news fix and the hottest NFL-related Tweets consolidated in one place, so you don’t have to wade through the overwhelming flood of news and tweets out there.

Want to be part of something bigger than yourself? Want to help women across the world have a better understanding of the NFL and football in general? Leslie wants you!

I Saw The Sign

How Can You Help? is only as good as its members. Hence why Leslie is looking for some football newbies to post their questions in the chat room and knowledgeable football fans to give answers, football fans to post informational blog posts, gossip mongers to post behind-the-scenes stories of players and coaches, and of course—sponsors.

What are you waiting for? Your pigskin destiny awaits you at the deceptively cute Interested in sponsoring the site or lending your writing expertise? E-mail Leslie Carlet at to get started. And don’t forget to spread the word!

Written exclusively for The Club by Daniel Brantley. Drop him a line, check his site, or follow him at

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