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Friday, September 9, 2011

Surefire Sign of Freshness #Davie #Miramar #Signage

Jack's Sub Shack: it's fresh, it's new, and thanks to Davie SIGNARAMA, it's irresistible.

Many entrepreneurs jumpstart new restaurants, and few find the success that Jack’s Sub Shack has enjoyed. Opened in the summer of 2011, Jack’s Sub Shack is jam packed from open to close every day. But Jack’s instant popularity didn’t come accidentally. It came courtesy of careful planning, a desire to give customers what they want, and having all the right signs.

“When I decided to open a restaurant, I wanted it to be a place where I could tend to the customer,” says Samuel Simpkin, owner/operator of Jack’s Sub Shack. “I’m old-fashioned and believe the customer is always right—even if he’s wrong.”

Building the Shack 

With this mindset, Samuel began brainstorming his ideal restaurant. Ultimately, he came up with Jack’s Sub Shack, a sub shop that makes the freshest, meatiest subs in the galaxy. But Samuel’s meaty subs aren’t the only thing that sets his business apart. He came into the sub shop determined to do something different, and it started with signage that made his brand bigger than life.

“Image is everything, and when people think something is big, they assume it’s great,” Samuel admits. “I wanted people to walk in and assume the Shack is a franchise.”

To impress this upon customers, Samuel needed the right company to create his signage. Hence why he called on Gina Leggiere, owner of Davie SIGNARAMA. Having worked with Gina to create signs for two All-State franchises he owned previously, Samuel knew what to expect from Davie SIGNARAMA.

“The signs I had in mind were going to be challenging because of the colors in my logo and the uniqueness of each sign, but with Gina’s knowledge and expertise, I knew she’d deliver,” Samuel says. “And she did.”

Special Delivery

A quick visit to Jack’s Sub Shack makes it clear what Gina delivered: high-quality, gorgeous signage that fits Jack’s perfectly. From the giant LED channel letter sign on the exterior to the custom menu board to the fun, funky logo sign designed on 1.5”-thick carved foam made to look like vertical wooden planks, the signage at Jack’s Sub Shack don’t just tell you where you are. These signs draw customers in, and they do it with style.

Once through the doors, customers are consistently wowed with Jack’s fantastic subs, $2.99 kids meal, and their customer-first mindset. Would Jack’s Sub Shack have been such an instant hit without help from Davie SIGNARAMA? Samuel wasn’t willing to find out.

Want to make sure your business’s image is in good hands? Look no further than Davie SIGNARAMA for high-quality signs that will be an obvious sign of quality for your business. Contact Davie SIGNARAMA at (954) 476-4923 or You can also learn more about Davie SIGNARMA at or visit Gina Leggiere and the Davie SIGNARAMA team at 1906 South University Drive, Davie, Florida 33324.

Hungry for the freshest, meatiest sub you’ll ever put in your mouth? Head to Jack’s Sub Shack, located at 12136 Miramar Parkway, Miramar, Florida 33025. You can also learn more about Jack’s at

Written exclusively for The Club (part of the Amplification, Inc. social media network) by Daniel Brantley, a sign-loving, sub-eating writer and editor. Contact him via e-mail, learn more about him online, or follow him at