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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Handshaking Mechanic for the Fleet and Family

When Jim Pascucci needs a car, truck, van, or SUV serviced in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Autologic has him covered. 

As the vice president of operations at Airstron, Inc., Jim Pascucci, Sr. was in charge of a fleet of more than 100 vehicles. Within the fleet were dozens of 3/4-ton and 1-ton service vans; a few flatbed trucks; some pick-up trucks; and a handful of SUVs, sedans, and pick-up trucks scattered across Florida.

A big part of taking care of the vehicles was finding local mechanics to perform routine maintenance and more labor-intensive work. Fortunately, when Jim was driving around town, he happened to drive by Autologic, Inc. Wanting a good mechanic who had the technology and expertise to handle any size job in a timely manner, Jim decided to drop in and check out the shop.

“I was looking for a one-stop shop close to our office, and Autologic was only five minutes away,” Jim recalls a few days into his retirement. “When I met the owner, Ariel Chmielarz, I was immediately comfortable, because he was very knowledgeable and straight-forward.”

All on a Handshake

Soon after, Autologic became Airstron’s hometown mechanic. Whenever an automobile in the local fleet needed an oil change, new spark plugs, radiator flush, differential inspection, or a new engine or transmission, Autologic took care of it. And it didn’t require anything more than a gentleman’s agreement, sealed with a handshake.

“It shouldn’t take a fancy contract to build trust, and Ariel understands that,” Jim says. “In today’s business world, everything has to be signed and notarized because people are afraid they’ll get sued. Ariel isn’t that way at all. When he says going to do something, he does it, and he does it well, so there is a mutual respect and trust between him and his customers.”

More than a Business Deal 

At the same time Jim was taking his fleet of vans, trucks, and cars to Autologic, he was doing the same with his own personal automobile and those of his family. Now that he has retired, that’s not going to change. Unless he or his family moves, Jim expects his wife, children, and grandchildren will continue using Ariel and the master mechanics at Autologic for years to come, and Autologic will continue to be the local mechanic for Airstron.

“I want to deal with people who can be trusted. Ariel is one of those people,” Jim says. “He’s a great mechanic with a good crew in there with him. I’m really glad I found Autologic.”

Ready to put your ride in the hands of skilled and honest mechanics? Hop in your car, truck, van, or SUV, and head to Autologic, Inc., at 608 Southwest Flagler Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301. You can also contact owner Ariel Chmielarz and the rest of the Autologic crew at (954) 462-7560 or learn more about their high-quality, cost-efficient services by visiting Find them on Facebook by clicking here.

Written exclusively for The Club by Daniel Brantley, who is growing so tired of putting his car in the shop for weeks at a time that he is considering moving to Florida to get access to Autologic. E-mail Daniel, find him online, or follow him at

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