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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Quality Products, Male Boudoir, and Social Advertising

“When the customer comes first, the customer will last.”-Robert Half

It’s a not-so-well-kept secret that customer service is a key to keeping and maintaining lasting customer relationships. Without it, you may get a customer in the door, but you won’t guarantee you will ever see that customer again. Since Club Cabeza knows more than a few customer service artistes, we have polled several area businesses for their customer service tips and tricks.

Customer Service Tip #1: Quality Products
Romi DiRoberto, President and Design Consultant for Florida Design & Associates, Inc., has worked with her husband and his cousin at their family owned interior design business since 1993. The company’s “Shop At Home” services range from window and drapery design to home interior consulting. When customers call DiRoberto, they know they can count on a wide and high-quality product selection.
Romi DiRoberto

“One of the things that matters most is the quality of service and product,” DiRoberto says. “If my clients are not happy, then I am not happy. I think that is a direct reflection of my personality as well as the way that I think any and all businesses should be represented.”

DiRoberto says a strong knowledge base of the construction and design industries allows her to find the right products to show clients. She is always looking for new offerings, including the Coulisse product line of pleated shades, roller shades and gliding panel systems.

“They have a sleek design and when they are fully raised, the head rail almost disappears,” DiRoberto says. “The roller shades have many options as well and will fit any window in any room in any style of home or office.”

DiRoberto has taken this business knowledge to her Pompano Beach-based doggy-grooming salon called “Doggy Stylin’.” The same values in providing quality services carry over into the business where dog groomers Jeannie and Mary have more than 30 years’ experience in the industry.

Customer Service Tip #2: Find Your Niche
Photographer Noël de Christian found a niche in the photography business, and has made a life’s work out of it.

“My services are rather niche-oriented since I don’t photograph everything under the sun,” de Christian says. “I basically photograph adults with a strong focus on men. Us men are usually neglected from professional photography — though it’s getting better — with a much stronger emphasis on women, children and families.”

When de Christian found his niche in the photography world, the results were life-changing for him and his clients.
Noel de Christian Photography

“I believe that today’s men are starting to realize that they can be photographed professionally for personal reasons and still enjoy the session and its outcome,” he says. “I have client who mentioned to me how their new pictures have changed their lives for the better and how others see them.”

Offering a vast array of services that include portraits, headshots, male physique and fashion and what de Christian terms “Dudoir” or male boudoir shots, de Christian’s prestige and reputation as a photographer have grown as he continues to cultivate his business. One of the latest industry trends he has observed is producing high-end coffee table books from his photographs. He works with high-end book production companies to produce books options that include images printed on metallic paper to binding in rich leathers. de Christian says his clients utilize the books as a gift to a significant other or as an elegant way to display and capture a moment for a lifetime. 

“Everyone has a story to tell, and it’s my job to tell that story through images,” de Christian says.

For more information about Florida Design & Associates, Inc., visit or follow them at To find out more about Doggy Stylin’ grooming salon, visit or call toll-free at (888) 482-2399.

For more information on Noël de Christian photography, visit or follow de Christian on Twitter at You can also call (954) 777-3000 for more information.

Identifying Marketing Trends: Social Advertising
With more than 1.06 billion monthly active users, it’s hard to deny the promotional capabilities of Facebook from a marketing perspective. In October, Facebook rolled out a “Sponsored Posts” option that allows you to promote friends and business’ posts for a fee. According to Facebook, the “Promote Post” function is especially beneficial to those making charity fundraising efforts, accomplishments, sales and personal announcements, such as an engagement. This option joins a growing marketing approach known as “social advertising.”
Marnie Goldberg, Amplification, Inc. Social Medium

“Sponsored posts are extremely effective at increasing your reach and helping you target specific demographics,” says Marnie Goldberg, Social Medium at Amplification, Inc., a South Florida-based social media company. “We have been very successful with fan acquisition campaigns for a number of clients and with promoting a specific event."

Goldberg cited several examples from her social media clients, including a recent sponsored campaign of a YouTube video for Polo Trace Golf Club that increased video views by a factor of five within a few days (Click here to view the video "Ladies League at Polo Trace Golf Club"). An awesome side effect was an increase in fans, too. Meaning by sponsoring the video, Polo Trace’s fan page on Facebook also acquired new fans as a result.

Goldberg calls this the “halo effect.”

“When you are trying to acquire fans for a Facebook page, having some sort of messaging is essential,” Goldberg says. “Combining video and sponsored posts has given us great success.”
Thanks to Facebook’s tracking metrics, social media reach and effectiveness is more than anecdotal. Goldberg says Facebook provides a wealth of information, including impressions and unique visitors.

“As marketers, we can then use this information to calibrate our efforts and adjust messaging whenever necessary,” Goldberg says.

Party in the Park will be held on May 5.
Sponsored Facebook efforts are best centered around a fan acquisition or messaging agenda. Another way to employ it is by pushing a specific event. How many times a week or month do you get event invitations from these same friends who work as a club promoter or DJ? The new Facebook capability circumvents that consumer numbness or apathy. Goldberg utilized Facebook metrics to fine-tune the audience, selecting age groups, specific demographics and Facebook users who liked certain music types, outdoor concerts and communities for an upcoming music event to benefit the Parks Foundation of Miami-Dade County. After one week, the number of RSVPs had increased by almost 80 percent—an eye-catching jump from previous event-related marketing efforts. (Click here to view the Parks Foundation's event invite for "Love-In Party in the Park").

“When we help clients target their efforts, they see better results,” Goldberg says. “Making the cyclical connection among video, sponsored posts and fan acquisitions is a natural fit.”

For more information on Goldberg and Amplification, Inc., please visit and follow them at @We_Amplify_You.