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Saturday, September 3, 2011

How Important is having your home inspected?

Without an expert inspection, your dream could become a nightmare.

You’ve rented for years, and now that home prices fit your wallet and you can get a loan at a great rate, it’s time to buy. But before you sign on the dotted line, you better have your home inspected from the ground to the roof by a pro.

“A home inspection isn’t the same as walking through a house to decide whether or not you want to buy it,” says Calvin Johnson, certified home inspector and owner of Calvin Johnson Home Inspection & Services. “When buyers ‘inspect’ a house, they’re figuring out if they can be happy living in a house. They’ll gauge room sizes and the overall layout, perhaps count the number of closets, and flip on a light switch or two. But this is not a home inspection.”

Inspection Defined

So what is a home inspection? It’s an in-depth visual evaluation of the condition of your home meant to identify potential problems and determine if and when repairs should be made. While you’re busy visualizing where to put your couch, a professional home inspector spends at least two hours methodically examining every square foot of the property, looking for red flags that may indicate a need for major or minor repairs, ranging from electrical or plumbing problems to defective drywall or a leaking roof to termite damage or a broken stove. A good inspection also checks out drainage outside the home, the presence or past presence of mold or mildew, and more.

Selling your home? That’s also a good time to get a professional inspection. By having your home inspected before putting it on the market, you can be aware of what needs to be fixed and either fix the problems or adjust your price accordingly. Otherwise, your house may take years to sell.

Find a Good One

Now that you’re sold on the need for a good inspector, you may be wondering how to find a good one. Keep reading, because you’re about to find out.

1. Ask around and make a few calls. The ideal home inspector takes pride in doing a good job and wants to take care of you. If you speak with a home inspector and he or she isn’t particularly helpful the first time you talk, move on.

2. Ask potential inspectors about their certifications, how long they’ve been licensed, and what other qualifications they have.

3. While you’re at it, get a reference or two from customers who used your prospective inspector a few years ago. This way, you can find out if any major problems arose that the clients weren’t warned about by the inspector.

4. Request a sample inspection report. Reading this will give you a sense of how in-depth an inspector’s inspections are. At Calvin Johnson Home Inspections & Services, the final reports cover more than 1,000 items that are meticulously inspected and clearly noted.

5. Finally, find out if it’s okay for you to tag along for the inspection. If your potential inspector wants to do it alone, find someone else. You should always be welcome to tag along for the inspection. Just expect to get a little dirty!

Post-Inspection Action

After your dream home is inspected, you may be a little blue. The house you’ve been dreaming of isn’t perfect like you thought. But don’t despair! Unless there is a serious structural problem, most issues can be dealt with easily—especially if you turn to Calvin Johnson Home Inspections & Services for your inspection.

Because on top of finding the problems, Calvin has a handpicked team of home repair experts at his disposal. With these pros, Calvin can offer an instant and cost-effective solution to many issues that arise during an inspection.

“Over the years, clients—particularly people who were moving from out of town and didn’t know any reputable local contractors—asked if I could help with repairs for their future homes,” Calvin said. “In response, I used my decades of home building experience to put together a top-notch team of renovation experts.”

As if that weren’t enough, Calvin provides a free lifetime of unlimited support regarding your home. So as long as you own your home, call Calvin and he’ll help you understand whatever issue you’re dealing with—even if it arises years after the inspection.

Ready to make sure your dream home remains a dream? Schedule a free consultation by contacting Calvin at (954) 294-5216 or You can also learn more about Calvin Johnson Home Inspection & Services by visiting or becoming a fan on Facebook

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