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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Farewell back surgery... #Amplify #Wellness #Chiropractic

Hello, spinal decompression therapy. 

After 30 years experience as a chiropractic physician, Dr. Louis Klionsky is still surprised how many people undergo back surgery without seeking an alternate solution. Despite months of rehabilitation and the potential for complications up to and including death, back surgery remains a booming business. But many are turning to a less invasive way to regain back health: the LORDEX Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression System with RX1. “There’s no reason to let someone cut your bones and muscles if you’re a candidate for spinal decompression,” says Dr. Klionsky, owner of Boca Spine & Acupuncture Centers. “When performed properly, spinal decompression is the only treatment needed.”

A Common-Sense Solution

If you’re suffering from back issues such as a herniated disc or spinal stenosis, the medical treatment approach will likely include pain medication and epidurals. If these don’t help, the next step is surgery. Unless you follow Gina Leggiere’s lead and turn to Dr. Klionsky.

Three years after moving to Florida, the New Jersey transplant re-herniated three discs in her back. The resulting pain was unbearable, causing muscle spasms so strong that Gina feared her bones would break from their force. On top of this, she could no longer walk. At the age of 52, she had to quit working and was chair-bound.

Knowing something had to change, Gina underwent a couple weeks of gentle chiropractic adjustment and acupuncture by Dr. Klionsky. She then decided to try spinal decompression therapy.

“I was very upset about my future—the pain that I was in was very severe,” Gina recalls. “Within the first treatment, I knew that I had found the right treatment.”

Over the next few months, Gina visited Dr. Klionsky three times a week for 35 decompression sessions and participated in prescribed physical therapy per Dr. Klionsky’s recommendation. A very gentle technique, spinal decompression therapy places the injured discs under negative pressure by slowly pulling the upper torso from the lower. This causes a vacuum phenomenon that allowed the herniated part of Gina’s discs to be pulled back into place, starting the healing process. Dr. Klionsky says decompression therapy is so gentle that many fall asleep during treatment. At the same time Gina’s spinal discs were being put back into place, a unique machine called the RX1 was working to strengthen her lower-back muscles for an optimal end result.

Uncommonly Good Results

A mere 10 treatments in, Gina was back to life, walking on her own and socializing. Halfway through treatment, Gina felt so much better she opened her new business: Davie SIGNARAMA. Three years later, Gina spends her days running wherever her business takes her. And she’s not dealing with constant back pain. She’s dealing with clients—doing everything necessary to provide top-notch signage.

And Gina’s not the only one with such a great outcome. Dr. Klionsky has helped numerous people avoid back surgery thanks to spinal decompression therapy.

“People who come to me are often desperate. Medication does nothing to touch their pain level,” Dr. Klionsky says, “and they want treatment that doesn’t carry the risks of surgery. With decompression therapy, patients don’t just have their symptoms treated. They regain function and are given the opportunity to enjoy life again.”

If your back pain keeps you from living life to the fullest, schedule an appointment with Dr. Klionsky at Boca Spine & Acupuncture Centers via e-mail ( or phone (Boca Raton: 561-393-0054 or West Palm Beach: 561-439-5555). You can also learn more about spinal decompression by downloading Dr. Klionsky’s Patient’s Guide to Spinal Decompression at Click to find Dr. Klionsky on Facebook and Twitter.

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Article by Daniel K. Brantley, exclusively for Amplification, Inc