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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Sign Company with Superpowers

Letters, Banners and Everything in Between

The Levis JCC honored SIGNARAMA for service.
When Mike Sneiderman, President of SIGNARAMA, BOCA RATON/DELRAY BEACH started his sign business in 1994, the Adolph & Rose Levis Jewish Community Center was one of his first customers. After years and hundreds, possibly thousands, of signs created later, the Levis JCC recently honored SIGNARAMA with a “Certificate of Appreciation” for years of “understanding the Center’s needs, dedication to detail, creativity, quality and timely completion of every job.”
Like SIGNARAMA, the Levis JCC has a long history of serving the community. Since 1983, the Center has offered services to community members of all ages. This includes a wide range of programming and philanthropic opportunities, from summer camps for kids to physical fitness classes to a thrift shop whose proceeds support community members, to music and theater productions. The non-profit organization has a variety of services to educate, entertain and enrich the lives of its members.  
George Feld, a long-time volunteer and board member at the Levis JCC, has worked with Mike’s team at SIGNARAMA for many years.
“We often have incredible deadlines where signs are ordered today, but we really needed them yesterday,” Feld says. “SIGNARAMA always understands and meets our needs.”
A Strong Partnership
Because the Levis JCC offers so many events throughout the year, they often find themselves in need of signage and banners for events. In addition to creating these offerings, the Center relies on SIGNARAMA for everything from dynamic monument-style entry features and directional signs to dimensional lettering applied to the Center’s buildings. Feld says the lettering helps visitors not only find the right place, but also gives  a positive, visually appealing representation of the Center.
“One of the key factors we hold as a business, is to value our customers, whether they are long-term like George and the Levis JCC or someone who has just walked in the door and needs a fully lit sign for their new business,” says Mike, who owns SIGNARAMA with his son, Dave. “We provide a service that offers creative, visually appealing products at competitive prices.”
While SIGNARAMA’s business has grown since the company first worked to create signs for the Levis JCC, what hasn’t changed is SIGNARAMA’s commitment to customer service. It’s why Feld and the Levis JCC know they can call SIGNARAMA at a moment’s notice and get the products they need.
“They are able to allocate and divide their time to make sure their customers get taken care of,” Feld says. “They’ve never let us down, and they produce quality work at a very fair price.”
To find out more about these featured organizations, visit:
SIGNARAMA USA, BOCA/DELRAY by calling (561) 278-7446 or visiting Or you can visit the welcoming sign professionals in person at SIGNARAMA located at 2905 S. Congress Avenue, Suite E in Delray Beach.