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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A “Hidden Gem” of Florida

The Beautiful Polo Trace Golf Club
In 1989, famed golf course architect Karl Litten and Joey Sindelar, PGA Tour Professional, designed the Polo Trace Golf Club. Since its opening, the Delray Beach golf course has attracted members and clientele from all over the country.
If you haven’t played at Polo Trace in a while, however, it’s time to give the course another go. That’s because Polo Trace has made many changes throughout the years that up the stakes at the golf course, making it the perfect spot for the everyday player or the out-of-town business guest you will be entertaining.
Scenic Views
Designed to resemble the rolling hills of Scotland, the course is a sprawling, lake-style, 18-hole golf course where you can spot wildlife and lush greenery in addition to looking for the pin.
“One of my favorite things about the course is how scenic it is,” says Kathy Brown, General Manager, at Polo Trace Golf Club. “Whether you are a great golfer or not, it’s just beautiful to go out there. I feel like I see something different every day.” 
While there are hardly any trees on the course, there is Loxahatchee grass, designed to resemble a course perched on the ocean. The greens themselves are champion turf.
Another newer feature was the addition of luxury homes to the course, which allowed for changes to the layout of several of the holes. As a unique aspect, homeowners on the Polo Trace course are not required to be membersbut it’s hard for most residents to resist the course’s pull (click here for video from Polo Trace).
The scenery is not the only aspect that can feel different with each return visit. The course has 13 holds with water features, so Brown recommends “bringing a lot of golf balls” if you are just starting out at Polo Trace. Playing the course in the wintertime also can up the challenge because the winds can keep you guessing. And you’ll definitely need your driver on holes 9, 10 and 11they’re all back-to-back par 5s for those up to the challenge (click here for a description of each hole).
“Our members tell us they love the course because the holes are not predictable,” Brown says. “Every day is a different day out there, which is part of the excitement and challenge of the changes we’ve made to make this a superior golf course.”
Getting There
Polo Trace golf app
The golf course is semi-private, meaning visitors and Delray Beach residents can call and book a tee time. The staff makes it easy, and if you’re a planner, they accept tee time bookings well in advance for special occasions and events. If you have an iPhone or Android phone, you can download a free Polo Trace Golf Club app that allows you to book tee times, keep score and use GPS yardage markers (click here for the iPhone app link).
Playing just once at Polo Trace just might be all you need to want to become a member. Members get two weeks’ advanced tee times among other benefits, plus access to a world-class golf course. Different level membership options exist. The more casual player may wish to take advantage of the membership that is $999 per year and $49.99 for each time you play. However, seven-days-a-week golf enthusiasts may find the $3,999 premium membership a better fit as you can play without paying extra for each individual round.
The final benefit of Polo Trace is that it truly is a golf course designed and maintained with the golfer in mind.
“We are not just a golf course to pump out volume,” Brown says. “Our dedication to our members and guests in making every round a world-class experience makes this course a true hidden gem of Florida.”
Ready to hit the links? Visit for more information or call 1.866.GOLF.POLO or 561.495.5300 to set up your tee times, which are available from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. The course is located at 13479 Polo Trace Drive in Delray Beach.

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