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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Costa Rica Rainforest Relaxation

Less-Traveled Costa Rica 

Think you’ve seen all there is to see in Costa Rica? Think again. The Rio Celeste Hideaway Hotel offers luxurious accommodations in a Costa Rican area that’s off the beaten track.

Located in Guatuso, Costa Rica, just 100 miles north of San Jose, the hotel is a short drive from the Liberia, Guanacaste, airport. Situated in the lush, Costa Rican tropical rainforest, the boutique hotel features 26 casitas with the amenities of home, such as flat-screen televisions and Jacuzzi tubs, coupled with the experiences you could only get at the Rio Celeste, such as a balcony that opens out to the rainforest, with its brightly colored birds and flowering plants. 

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The Rio Celeste’s walking distance to Tenorio Volcano National Park attracted guest Alex Ramos, to travel from Sacramento, Calif., to the Rio Celeste. It is from this park where the Rio Celeste takes its name—the Rio Celeste River is a breathtaking shade of blue derived from the sulfur of the nearby Tenorio Volcano. Check out the video.

While Ramos classifies herself as the kind of traveler that loves to be on the go all the time, at the Rio Celeste, she found a place where she felt she could truly relax.

“I absolutely loved visiting the park for a great hike to see the volcano, river, falls and hot springs,” Alex said. “At Rio Celeste, I just wanted to hang out on the casita balcony or any part of the hotel and relax.”

In addition to the reach-out-and-touch-it scenery, Alex was impressed with the hotel service—the staff even baked a cake especially for her boyfriend’s birthday.

An Authentic Experience

The desire to find a less-discovered portion of Costa Rica also attracted George S. and his wife from Oceanport, New Jersey, to the Rio Celeste.

“My wife and I have traveled all over Costa Rica, and we wanted to try somewhere different, so we thought we would see the Tenorio Volcano area and the blue Rio Celeste,” George said.

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During their December 2011 stay, the couple hiked the Rio Celeste River for hours, taking in the sites and enjoying the wildlife bird-watching opportunities.

“This part of Costa Rica is really different from all other parts of the country that we have seen and had very few tourists,” George said. “We went on a drive that took us through many farm areas where they grow pineapple, papaya and many other things. It was all just beautiful.”

To find your own authentic Costa Rican experience at the Rio Celeste Hotel, visit, or call (954) 234-2608. Check out Rio Celeste's Facebook page for more photos and guest feedback.