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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What Better Women's Care Looks Like!

In a world obsessed with quantity over quality, the office of Dr. Andrew Krinsky is a breath of fresh air. The minute you walk in, you’re welcomed by an environment that is attentive to a woman’s entire well-being. A luxurious waiting room complete with relaxing background music, soothing images of nature, and the calming scent of vanilla are just a few ways you know this is not your average gynecology practice. 

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“People often don’t look at a woman as a whole person and instead focus on treating the surface symptoms,” Dr. Krinsky says. “There are many facets in a woman’s life that might lead to her not feeling well. Understanding what is going on has a great effect on getting to the basis of her health issues and providing meaningful, useful care with a focus on wellness and preventing health issues.”

Holistic and Traditional

Having performed his medical residency at Yale New Haven Hospital in New Haven, Connecticut, and maintaining status as a Diplomate of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (FACOG), Dr. Krinsky has a firm grasp on traditional Western medical practices. However, he doesn’t let his traditional medical training prevent him from having a fuller view of women’s health.

“I’m open to what other cultures have been doing for centuries and have found effective,” Dr. Krinsky says. This provides Dr. Krinsky’s patients with a unique approach to their care that combines holistic and traditional medicine.

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Who comes to Dr. Krinsky for gynecologic care? Women of all walks of life from ages 15 to 105 in need of a yearly exam, cancer screening, breast health or contraception assistance, nutrition or exercise advice, or issues with menopause. They’re housewives, physician’s wives, fellow physicians, grandmothers, mothers, daughters, working professionals, and students. They have one goal: More complete health in a boutique setting.

“Going to the gynecologist isn’t always the most relaxing experience, so we do everything we can to make it more comfortable for them,” Dr. Krinsky says. “We treat our patients like people, and they appreciate it.”

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Above and Beyond 

Along with typical health services, women who turn to Dr. Krinsky have immediate access to an impressive array of auxiliary services. Whether you need a pelvic ultrasound or advanced skin care, you can get it in a medically monitored setting.

“We really want to help women enjoy life and maintain the highest level of functioning and quality of life,” Dr. Krinsky says. “One way we do this is by listening to what our patients want out of their healthcare experience and finding ways to provide it.”

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By offering diagnostic testing (osteoporosis, ovarian cancer, bladder issues, and others) Dr. Krinsky makes it possible for women to avoid getting lost in the medical system. Tests are performed and read right inside Dr. Krinsky’s office, and all results are discussed with the patient either in person or over the phone, allowing women to have any questions or concerns addressed immediately.

Dr. Krinsky’s services also recently expanded to skin care treatment.

“As women age, they begin to experience a lack of hormones, and their skin can show the effects of that,” Dr. Krinsky explains. To combat this, a certified licensed aesthetician performs facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and skin resurfacing. Ladies who want to get rid of unwanted hair on their bikini line or elsewhere can take care of it at Dr. Krinsky’s as well, via laser removal.

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Mohel Services 

Dr. Krinsky also travels to homes, synagogues, and other locations as a mohel to perform ceremonial circumcision for Jewish families. Whereas there are a number of physicians and laypersons who are mohels, very few are surgically trained like Dr. K.

“This is a stressful time for new mothers, their hormones are still raging from the delivery of their new baby,” Dr. Krinsky says. “Having a medical doctor who is a surgeon and can offer medically based advice, topical anesthetic for the baby, and who is religiously trained to perform the entire ceremony puts everyone at ease.”

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As a certified mohel, Dr. Krinsky carries out the entire Bris ceremony. He performs various readings, offers prayers in celebration of the new baby’s birth, circumcises the child, pronounces Hebrew blessings upon the child, helps the parents choose a Hebrew name for the child, and performs the naming ceremony of the new child.

“People often come to a Bris and don’t understand the meaning and don’t participate. I go to extra lengths to explain the traditions and rituals,” Dr. Krinsky says, “and my services encourages and includes readings by everyone in attendance.”

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The result is a meaningful experience for family and friends, regardless of their religious preference. Like the rest of Dr. Krinsky’s services, his mohel practice offers comprehensive personal care, attention to detail, and a professional yet comfortable feel.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call (954) 722-2002 or visit or Andrew Krinsky, MD, LLC, is located at 7401 North University Drive, Suite 101, Tamarac, Florida 33321. 

This article was written by Daniel Brantley exclusively for Amplification, Inc. (Facebook / Twitter / YouTube).