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Monday, October 10, 2011

Finding the Focus #Thrive

When Erin Currin’s career was on autopilot, Fran Asaro of Thrive Any Way stepped in to put her back into the driver’s seat.

As co-owner of Staged Access, Erin Currin works with entrepreneurs who are having a difficult time communicating their message to potential clients. If it weren’t for Fran Asaro, owner of Thrive Any Way, Erin insists she wouldn’t be where she is today.

When the two first met in December 2008, Erin was at a crossroads. She had a solid job as the chief financial officer for a concrete manufacturer. However, she’d been looking for a way out for a while. In fact, Erin had gone so far that she promised herself that she would write her resignation letter by the first Monday of January 2009.

“One of the first calls I had with Fran was to say I didn’t know if I could write the letter,” Erin says. Fran’s solution? Write the letter, see how she felt afterward, and decide what to do after that. Erin followed Fran’s suggestion. “That first Monday of January,” Erin says, “I turned in my resignation with a two-months notice.”

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Two Years’ Journey

While others turn to Fran to figure out what to do with their lives, Erin knew where she was going. Unfortunately, her family and friends were skeptical. They didn’t understand why Erin would walk away from a great job to chase a dream. But it wasn’t an option for Erin, because she wasn’t where she needed to be. There was something better out there, and she needed someone who understood and appreciated her path and would serve as an emotional and moral support, a sounding board and cheerleader.

Over the next two years, Fran fulfilled that role. Always on call, Fran cheered Erin on as she honed the vision of her company. What started as a business that provided education on alternative medicine and natural healing gradually became what it is now: a company that helps entrepreneurs understand their business so they can convey that clearly to others.

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Still Connecting

“Fran was the one who I would call in hysterics, freaking out and crying, saying I can’t possibly do this,” Erin says. “She would let me go through that fear, and when I came back to being committed to the company again, she didn’t hold it against me. She understands life is like a giant buffet. You’ve got to taste everything before you figure out what you want seconds of.”

While Erin has her entrepreneurial feet placed firmly beneath her and has a great support group surrounding her, she hasn’t stopped contacting Fran on occasion. The only difference is that Erin now considers Fran more than a coach. She considers her a friend.

Need some help moving past the brick walls in your own life? Let Fran Asaro help you Thrive Any Way. Get moving by contacting Fran at (954) 370-8001 or For more information about Fran and Thrive Any Way, visit

And if you’re looking for more clients or having a hard time getting your target market to hear you, let Erin help. Visit You can also contact Erin Currin at (954) 494-3375 or

Written exclusively for The Club by Daniel Brantley, part chicken farmer, part freelance writer and editor. Find him at his main site or on Twitter or contact him directly.

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