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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bump, Set, Spike, Support!

Use your volleyball prowess to help one of South Florida’s most beloved non-profit agencies: United Cerebral Palsy.

Founded in 1947 by a group of parents whose children were living with cerebral palsy, United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) has grown its focus and impact dramatically over the past 64 years. Today, UCP doesn’t only serve individuals with cerebral palsy. The organization’s 60-plus facilities in South Florida now assist more than 14,000 infants, children, and adults living with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, Down’s syndrome, autism, and other developmental delays. Services range from therapy and afterschool care to adult day care, respite care for caregivers, and supported employment. Regardless of the service rendered, they all have a common goal.

“Our mission is to create a world in which people are seen for their abilities and not their disabilities, and we’re making great strides,” says Pat Murphy, executive director of UCP of Broward, Palm Beach, and Mid-Coast counties. “We’re making a difference in the lives of thousands of people each day, and that’s why I continue to believe in and work with UCP after 22 years.”

Sandy Assistance

As all non-profit organizations, UCP relies on the generosity of individual and corporate donors. To that end, a two-day volleyball tournament is held annually on the beautiful South Florida beaches. Last year’s event hosted approximately 200 participants and raised $7,000 for the individuals impacted by UCP. This year, UCP is hoping for an even bigger turnout.

If Kari Geck has her way, it’ll be the biggest yet. Playing in the UCP volleyball tournament for nearly a decade, Geck got nervous when she realized she didn’t have a corporate sponsor for her team. Instead of giving up, she sent out a call to arms for assistance on Facebook. Shortly after, Gina Leggiere, owner of Davie SIGNARAMA, answered the call.

“Gina thought this tournament was the greatest thing in the world,” says Geck.

Taking It to Heart

As one of Leggiere’s family members has cerebral palsy, the cause and the work of UCP is particularly close to her heart. When given the opportunity to sponsor Geck’s team in the upcoming beach volleyball tournament, Leggiere didn’t hesitate.

“I love the beach, and I love volleyball,” Leggiere says. “To be able to enjoy both of these while helping an organization that has an amazing impact on our community is an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.”

With Leggiere’s support, Geck will once again be heading to the Beach in Lauderdale by the Sea for UCP’s 26th annual beach volleyball tournament. This time, she’ll be representing Team Davie SIGNARAMA as she bumps, sets, and spikes her way to helping UCP.

Want to help UCP have their most successful volleyball tournament to date? Visit or call (954) 315-4040 to register your company’s eight-person team. It costs $375 for a team, and the long-term impact is priceless! The tournament is set for Saturday and Sunday, June 4 and 5, and offers fun for the whole family!

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This article was written by Daniel Brantley exclusively for The Club, part of the Amplification, Inc. social media network. Please follow along on Twitter and Facebook. Email Daniel or find him online at or go to to follow his adventures.