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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Adventure Travel at the Rio Celeste Hideaway Hotel

While a visit to a tourist destination has its place and time, thrill seekers or “adventure” travel opportunities are on the rise. You’re an adventure traveler if you’ve ever wanted to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Costa Rican rainforest, without too many camera-toting tourists or tiki bars. 

Nestled in the Northern Costa Rican rainforest is the Rio Celeste Hideaway Hotel, a boutique hotel that’s as friendly to adventure travelers as it is to romantic relaxers. With 26 casitas, the hotel aims to create an authentic Costa Rican experience, just 100 miles north of San Jose.

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Hotel guest Nima R. from Mountain View, Calif., stayed at the Rio Celeste in November 2011 where she hiked to the waterfalls and immersed herself in the secluded hot water pools.

“The path to the waterfalls is one that starts out with open spaces and leads into dense forest with rainforest canopy,” she said. “The waterfall is pretty impressive, with its huge volume of water coming down every minute.”

When her thrill-seeking hike was over, the hotel provided a place for rainforest relaxation.

“The furniture at the hotel gives the guests the feeling of being in the tropics,” she said. “The ambiance and the service are superlative.”

Rainforests, Waterfalls, Hot Springs

To see Costa Rica the way it was meant to be seen, location is everything. Adventure-seeker Alex Ramos and her boyfriend chose the Rio Celeste Hotel because of its close proximity to the Tenorio Volcano National Park. The Rio Celeste is nestled right at the entrance of the national park, which features four volcanic peaks, two craters and the aquamarine Rio Celeste, or Light Blue River where hikers can travel along.

“We absolutely loved visiting the park for a great hike to see the volcano, river, falls and hot springs,” Alex said. “Lots of birds to see was a bonus.”

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But even a thrill-seeker like Alex takes a break every once in a while—she said she found relaxation at the Rio Celeste.

“To exist in the rainforest and experience its tranquil ambiance within the hotel compound, even from our casita with the French doors open throughout the night as we slept, was out-of-this world breathtaking,” she said.

To find out more about how adventure-seekers enjoy the Rio Celeste, check out this video or visit their TripAdvisor page where guests have ranked the Rio Celeste the No. 1 hotel in the region. To find your own authentic Costa Rican experience at the Rio Celeste Hotel, visit, (954) 234-2608 and become a fan on Facebook.