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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Helping a New Generation Of Students Find Their Way

In August, City College opened the doors to their fifth campus in Hollywood, Fla. For the college, setting up a new branch wasn’t easy—in addition to recruiting students and establishing programs, the school had to retain the logo and brand consistency they had honed for decades. When it came to creating the Signs that would help new students identify their new collegiate home, City College turned to the company that worked hard to earn their business and that local professionals recommended: Davie SIGNARAMA.

“The branding part for City College is important, and our Sign was our way to show that we’re here in the community,” said Lora James, Executive Director at City College, whose branches include Fort Lauderdale, Gainesville, Hollywood, Miami and Altamonte Springs. “The Sign helps students easily recognize our facility, find us without frustration and identify with our existing campuses.”

Custom Signs and Much More

When it came to conceptualizing the kind of Signs that would get City College noticed, Gina Leggiere, the owner of Davie SIGNARAMA, said creating the Signs was a tall order—literally. One of the Signs on the south side of the City College building was to be placed four stories high, meaning considerations for recognizable color and size had to be made. From there, other supporting Signage projects were completed, including Door Graphics for the college’s offices.

“Davie SIGNARAMA’s experience with school-based projects equipped us with the expertise to produce Custom Signs for City College,” Leggiere said. “This project created a Signature Sign for City College, one that everyone in the area can come to recognize the college by.”

Hands-On Education

City College supported a local business in Davie SIGNARAMA, and the college aims to support community members at large. The Hollywood campus offers four degrees in the Business, Allied Health (Medical Assisting and Medical Billing and Coding) and Emergency Medical Services.

“Our philosophy is to help students and give them an education that will help them achieve their personal and professional goals,” James said. “We chose these degrees for the Hollywood area because they are where our students can be fully trained, so they can get jobs after they’ve completed their education.”

Just as City College plans on adding new students to its programs, it will also add additional Signage on the building and Entrance Monument, all thanks to Davie SIGNARAMA. They’re a way to welcome students to a new future.

“Davie SIGNARAMA was instrumental in making these Sign Projects happen,” James said. “We’re dedicated to supporting community businesses and community members so everyone can grow.”

To see Davie SIGNARAMA’s Signs in person, visit City College at 6565 Taft St., Suite 200 in Hollywood. For more information, visit or call (954) 744-1777. If you have need of a Signature Sign, banner, magnet and so much more, call Davie SIGNARAMA at (954) 476-4923, e-mail or visit Or you can visit the welcoming Sign Professionals at Davie SIGNARAMA located at 1906 South University Drive in Davie, Florida, 33324. They’re located in the Tower Shops near Costco. And check them out on YouTube! 

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