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Monday, November 28, 2011

An Eco-Friendly answer to Wall Street?

Ever feel like your shopping dollars are going… nowhere?   Ever question how a product was made?  How about if a product does something to help, or hurt, the environment?   In the vast sea of ecommerce websites, super shopping centers and city malls, it’s easy to lose sight of the basics.  If you strive to find unique, high-quality eco friendly products that do more than just fill up space in your home, then look no further. is the answer.

What is Locally Rooted?
Locally Rooted, dubbed as “the leading online marketplace for green goods,” is a new kind of shopping experience. Locally Rooted products are made exclusively by companies that are going the extra mile by giving back to their communities or to charities. By leveraging a philanthropic message against social media networks and a consumer base hungry for exposure to businesses doing more than just looking for a profit, Locally Rooted has rocketed to the forefront of the online green retail space.

"Locally Rooted was born out of a desire to support companies doing great things for our communities and society as a whole,” Nolan Garrido, co-founder of Locally Rooted, explains. “We didn't like the idea that our consumer dollars were simply thickening the wallets of business executives who viewed the green movement as another way to make a buck. So we created the Locally Rooted marketplace. Here, customers can select from a wide variety of green products made by companies who care about the world we live in as much as they care about making a great product. It really is a smarter way to shop."

What is community conscious shopping?                    
Community conscious shopping is the act of purchasing products while conscious of the impact the product and its manufacturer have on their communities, society, and the Earth as a whole. It's putting extra thought into the purchasing decisions we make, and taking into account the charitable pursuits of the manufacturer as well as the cost and benefit to our planet.

The word community is the key in all that Locally Rooted is working towards. Poised to revolutionize the future of green shopping, Locally Rooted was created for consumers who want quality eco-friendly products and a sense of empowerment by knowing that their dollars are also going to support great causes.

What types of products are available through Locally Rooted?
Organic cotton baby clothes, eco-friendly home décor, all-natural bath and body products, and everything in between - Locally Rooted has great, green products from every stretch of the imagination. "Locally Rooted has a great selection of unique, eco-friendly gifts, but we take it a step further,” Kalia Gordon, co-founder of Locally Rooted explains. “Simply being eco-friendly is not enough - our vendors have to give back. That's what makes them community conscious. As a result, Locally Rooted customers not only feel good about the products they’ve purchased – they also feel good about the company that made them."

How can you be sure that Locally Rooted's vendors are community-conscious?
Each company on is thoroughly researched to make sure that it fits the community conscious philosophy. The companies give back to their communities in many different ways.  Some provide monetary contributions to charitable organizations. Others donate their personal time to help non-profits reach their community-focused goals. You can read all about the community conscious companies on the product pages.  Locally Rooted has done all of the legwork - these companies are researched and reviewed, and the information is displayed in an easy-to-find, easy-to-read format.

Do they back it up? Is Locally Rooted a community conscious company?
Locally Rooted prides itself on being a community conscious company.  With the help of the amazing folks at Trees for the Future, Locally Rooted pledges to plant one tree for every order received. They also donate their junk mail and discarded paper and shreds it into packing material whenever possible. Shipping boxes are reused from previous shipments – nothing is thrown away if it can be avoided. If new shipping boxes are needed, only boxes made from 100% post-consumer recycled material are used.

At the corporate level, all Locally Rooted employees are incentivized to volunteer at the charitable organization of their choice at least one day per month. These charitable endeavors range from serving at soup kitchens to cleaning cages at animal shelters to reading to children at local elementary schools.  Employees are encouraged to seek out innovative volunteer avenues to reach their own personal goals.   
Being community conscious is more of a journey than a destination - there's always something else that can be done to become more eco-friendly and community conscious. Locally Rooted continues to take inspiration from its great community conscious vendors and adopts great ideas as they go.

What is the Monthly Get and Give?
The Monthly Get and Give is Locally Rooted’s version of a super charged, eco-friendly grab bag.  For a monthly fee of $39.95, subscribers get a package containing hand-picked, high quality, Earth-friendly merchandise delivered directly to their doorstep. In addition, $10 of the subscriber's monthly fee is donated to a specially featured charity each month. This allows customers to be a part of a larger network of accelerated giving.  Locally Rooted periodically announces the total amount of donations and encourages customers to track their personal contributions.

What are the customers saying?
Locally Rooted prides itself on its customer service, making sure that customers are as happy as possible with their Locally Rooted experience.  As a result, they've received great feedback from their customers.  
Here is what some of their recent customers are saying:
"I will definitely be making more purchases from your site as I've never seen some of the items anywhere else - they are so unique!"
"I googled the Priti NYC Crystal Nail File after MSN posted an article about things that make up artists can't live without. Your website came up as carrying them and you had one of the cheapest products and the nicest website. “
"Love your website! Will definitely be back."
Locally Rooted encourages customer participation; the company’s website urges readers to take surveys, give suggestions and write comments. “We always want to hear from you,” Kalia says. “Our customers are the heart of our business and we are dedicated to do right by them every step of the way.”

Where can you learn more about Locally Rooted?
The website,, of course. Check back early and often as the product selection is always changing. Locally Rooted is on Facebook and Twitter. Special promotions and deals are broadcasted regularly through their social media. You can also sign up for the newsletter to keep an eye on the Locally Rooted buzz. Phone lines are open at (954) 305-5187 Monday - Friday, 8am-8pm EST.

Written exclusively for The Club (Amplification, Inc.) by Dori Starnes, writer and editor extraordinaire.   For copywriting inquiries, please contact her directly.