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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mechanics Specializing in Honesty

Fear taking your automobile to the mechanic for an oil change only to find out you need $1,000 of additional work? Head to Autologic for some peace of mind.

Ask a dozen customers what the folks at Autologic do well, and you’ll get a dozen different answers: brakes, transmissions, oxygen sensors, electrical work, pre-purchase inspections, and more on every make and model automobile on the road. Ask the same clients why they turn to Autologic for all their automotive repair needs, and you’ll get the same answer: quality work done by honest mechanics.

In operation for 32 years, Fort Lauderdale-based Autologic has been set apart by their quality and honesty since day one.

“We have a simple formula that has served us well,” says Ariel Chmielarz, founder and owner of Autologic. “We treat everyone fairly, and they come back. There is more than enough business to keep all the mechanics in Florida busy, so there’s no sense in trying to take advantage of customers.”

How honest are they? After an employee quoted a customer a price, Ariel realized the quoted price was hundreds of dollars more than its cost. It was an honest mistake, and since the customer agreed to the price, Ariel could easily have pocketed the extra cash. Instead, he called the customer with the good news: his automobile repair job would cost $300 less than he initially thought.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Getting to the bottom of your automobile’s problems isn’t always as easy as taking a peek under the hood. Thankfully, when your “Check Engine” light is on or your automobile has other symptoms that something isn’t quite right, Autologic has high-tech equipment that helps troubleshoot. But this technology isn’t the end of Autologic’s ability to diagnose problems that go below the surface. Because when the diagnostic equipment locates a problem, the Autologic pros realize the problem found by the computer may be merely a symptom of a more serious issue.

Instead of taking the diagnosis at face value and simply correcting what the computer determines as the problem, an Autologic mechanic uses this knowledge to determine the true issue going on with your automobile. Therefore, Autologic mechanics never put a band-aid on your auto’s problem. They get to the heart of the issue and correct the source of your automobile’s ailments.

Long Time Coming

Whereas many auto shops have high turnover, Autologic has mechanics and other employees who have been on staff for 15 years or more. And with 80 percent of Autologic’s business coming from repeat business, customers get to know their mechanics. Why have these expert mechanics given so many years to Autologic? They appreciate Ariel’s commitment to running an honest business. It allows them to keep their mind focused on getting your car back on the road. It also allows them to sleep well at night.

“I have customers who have been coming to me for more than 25 years. They started out coming to me with kids in the backseat, and now those kids who were in the backseat are coming back with their own kids,” Ariel says. “It’s a privilege to earn people’s trust, and I take that seriously.”

Ready to put your ride in the hands of skilled and honest mechanics? Hop in your car, truck, van, or SUV, and head to Autologic, Inc., at 608 Southwest Flagler Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301. You can also contact the shop at (954) 462-7560 or learn more by visiting Fan up on Facebook and follow along on Twitter for access to special-specials!

Written exclusively for The Club by Daniel Brantley, who wishes all mechanics were as talented, quick, and honest as the guys at Autologic. Contact Daniel at, check him out at, or follow him at

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