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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Goodbye Toxins, Hello Energy!

How detox treatment helps one executive power through her routine.

Ask yourself a question. Do you have the energy you need to get through your day, or could you use a little boost? If you’re willing to admit you could use a little more energy, ion detoxification footbaths may be just what your body ordered.

“This is one of the least invasive forms of detox that is available anywhere,” says Dr. Scott Goldberg of 212 Chiropractic in Sunrise, Florida. “All you do is put your feet in and watch what comes out.”

Looking at Toxins

What comes out, as many can attest, changes depending on what you’ve been putting in your mouth and how you’ve been taxing your body. With ion detox, a device is placed in water that switches the polarity of your body’s cells. When this happens, toxins that normally cling to the cells are released. They are then forced out of your body and seep out of the bottom of your feet. White fragments floating in the water could indicate yeast infection, black indicates the presence of heavy metals, and yellow or orange is an indication of muscle breakdown.

Sound a bit gross to have gunk seeping out of your feet? Dr. Goldberg admits it can be unpleasant. But the end results negate any nastiness during the process.

“You can’t hide what’s coming out of you,” Dr. Goldberg says. Yet as exciting as it is to watch toxins escape your body, Dr. Goldberg says, “This treatment doesn’t do any good if you’re not going to make lifestyle changes that help you avoid the same toxins in the future.”

Getting a Boost

After being referred to Dr. Goldberg following leg surgery and back problems, Lucy Lanzar, who is an avid runner and the President and COO of Fusion Group in Fort Lauderdale, decided to give ion detox a try. Following the first treatment, she had an unexpected result: she was tired.

Instead of giving up on the treatment, she kept it up and began undergoing detox once a week. Per Dr. Goldberg’s recommendations, she also began paying more attention to how she treats her body and what she eats. While these lifestyle changes may be enough to provide good health, Lucy insists she isn’t quite herself when she goes for more than a couple of weeks without detox. During a month-long trip to the West Coast, her body craved the detox it has come to expect, and she didn’t have the extra pep in her step.

As a result, she keeps to her detox routine and enjoys increased energy that gives her that extra oomph she needs, whether she’s pushing through a long-distance race or consulting with a new client. She’s such a firm believer that she convinced a fellow runner to begin treatment and the two compare the benefits regularly.

“It’s hard to quantify how much better I feel after a detox treatment,” Lucy says, “but it gives me a sense that my body doesn’t have as much to contend with.”

Want to give your body less to contend with each and every day? Kick back and let ion detoxification footbath treatments do the work for you. To learn more or to schedule your first treatment, contact Dr. Scott Goldberg at (954) 397-7700 or visit [ Find 212 on Facebook and Twitter ]

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