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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

World Headquarter Quality

What happens when two companies that demand excellence converge? Only the best.

With a quarter century under their belt, Guy Harvey, Inc. has established a brand that resonates with individuals seeking quality. From clothing and jewelry to books and videos to boat wraps and Guy’s immediately recognizable art, Guy Harvey, Inc. has aligned itself from day one with companies and causes of excellence. 

As proud as Guy is of his art, apparel, and other merchandise, ocean conservation has the greatest grip on his heart. Hence why he developed the Guy Harvey Research Institute at Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center in 1999 and the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation in 2008. 

“Guy Harvey is a lifelong conservationist,” says Greg Jacoski, Director of the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation. “He has dedicated his whole life to preserving fish for the health of our oceans. Guy fully understands the value of fishing, and he wants more people to fish in a sustainable manner.” 

Recent Work 

Over the years, the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation has funded various research and education programs and now funds its own outreach and education programs. One of the Foundation’s most recent funding efforts involved the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. In response to the spill, Guy created two new t-shirt designs and donated all t-shirt proceeds to Gulf of Mexico fishery restoration. In a meager two months, $500,000 was raised through t-shirt sales, and more was donated by philanthropists who believe in and stand behind Guy Harvey. 

Around the same time as the spill, Guy Harvey, Inc. needed more office space and moved its world headquarters into Davie, Florida. To make sure passersby would know where they were located, they looked for a sign company that put quality on top of their priorities. After asking around a bit, they were convinced Davie SIGNARAMA was the best place to turn. 

“We wanted to put an impressive sign out front to put our flag in the ground,” says Harvey Taulien, Vice President of Guy Harvey, Inc. “Gina Leggiere and the team at Davie SIGNARAMA came out, gave us some proposals, and worked to make sure the sign met codes set by the development where we’re located and the town of Davie.” 

Above and Beyond 

Met codes? You read right. In order to have the huge Guy Harvey signature sign placed on the outside of Guy Harvey, Inc.’s world headquarters, some changes had to be made. Instead of putting the weight of the changes on the Guy Harvey team, Davie SIGNARAMA took it on. 

This required the Davie SIGNARAMA team to undergo a 90-day process that included attending town meetings and rewriting sign ordinances. But the hard work paid off. Today, the Guy Harvey signature hangs proudly, clearly showing their new location during the day and dazzling at night, thanks to the sign’s LED display. 

“Having a local company with professionals who knew how to get signs approved in a timely manner was huge for us,” says Steve Stock, President of Guy Harvey, Inc. “At the end of the day, the sign was made well and put up in a professional manner. The final product was what we wanted, and that is reason enough to turn to Davie SIGNARAMA again.” 

To get your sign needs met by professionals committed to the same level of quality as Guy Harvey, Inc., contact Davie SIGNARAMA at (954) 476-4923,, or Or visit Gina at 1906 So. University Drive, Davie, Florida 33324. 

To support the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, tee off at the foundation’s inaugural Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Golf Tournament on Monday, May 16, at the Coral Ridge Country Club in Fort Lauderdale. Visit to learn more or to register. 

This article was written by Daniel Brantley exclusively for The Club, part of the Amplification, Inc. social media network. Please follow along on Twitter and Facebook. Daniel Brantley is a freelance writer who is a bit frightened of sharks, but is grateful for the work done by the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation on behalf of sharks and other marine animals. Email Daniel or find him online at or go to to follow his ocean-loving life.