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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Above and Beyond Typical Title Services #Title #RealEstate

Warning: Your expectations of a title company are about to undergo a major shift. 

After 10 years, many folks begin growing weary of their professions or become a bit stale. But not Melanie Levine. President and CEO of Mellex Title Services LLC, Levine is as excited about providing quality title services today as she was when she first entered the world of titles (please join Mellex on Facebook by clicking here). So how’s this show itself in the day-to-day operations of Mellex?

“Everyone at Mellex has a deep understanding of the services we provide and they’re all very dedicated to taking care of the customer first,” Levine says. “Because of this, our clients know we’ll get the job done well and they trust us. That’s why we get such a tremendous amount of repeat business.”

At Your Doorstep 

Always friendly and professional, Levine ensures every client of Mellex Title Services, LLC, gets the best service possible (click here to follow Mellex on Twitter). And if you’ve ever heard of a wild story of Levine or another Mellex associate closing in an atypical venue, there are dozens more you’ve not heard.

Just how far will Mellex Title pros go to make you happy? Ever closed on a new property inside of a courthouse? How about in your car? Found a title agent who will bring closing documents to a hospital when you’re stranded there after a loved one’s surgery? Levine and her team at Mellex have closed in all these places and more. Which brings us to the obvious question: Where won’t they close?

More than likely, you’ll never find an answer to that question, because of Levine’s focus on her clients’ needs.

“We realize that while closing on a home is life-changing for people, they can’t always change their lives to close on a home,” Levine says. “So instead of prolonging the process and allowing our clients to get frustrated, we change our lives and prove how valuable our clients’ business is to us by meeting them wherever they may be.”

Constant Growth

The result of this approach to title services is an ever-growing list of clients that stretches for 10 years. They rant and rave about Levine and her Mellex team, turning down other title agents left and right when they want it done right. Because whether the closing involves property down the street from Mellex headquarters in Plantation, Florida, or across the country, you’re guaranteed the same personal service and satisfaction.

Wish your title services company was a bit more personal and cared more about meeting the needs of you and your client? Then it’s time to contact Mellex Title Services, LLC. After one experience with Levine and Mellex Title, you’ll never look for another title company. Call them today at (954) 748-5550, visit them online at, or contact Melanie Levine directly at (954) 914-5858 or

This article was written by Daniel Brantley exclusively for Club Cabeza, please follow along on Twitter and Facebook. Daniel Brantley is a freelance writer who wishes he’d known of Mellex when he closed on his house a few years ago. Email Daniel or find him online at or go to to follow his home-loving life.

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