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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Get Your Game Face On, Girl! #NFL #Football

‘Cause it’s Monday morning, and you better be in the know. 

Remember that play on fourth and three that changed the entire game? Or the punt return for a touchdown that was declined on a bogus call? If not, you’ll need to stop by before heading to work on Monday so you can get your game face on. That is, unless you like being in the dark. 

“Monday mornings can be daunting for women who aren’t aware of what happened on the gridiron on Sunday,” says founder Leslie Carlet. “But with, women of all levels of football knowledge can confidently hang with the boys.”

Football Smarts 

What does offer ladies who are into the game and have a hard time watching every game each week? A world of information from people who do watch every game every Sunday. And not bland information that you can get anywhere. It’s coming from people who eat, breathe, and sleep football, and their obsession shines through.

With the click of a button, you can access Twitter updates from four Tweeters who are deeply imbedded in the world of NFL: Adam Schefter, Matthew Berry, Rotoworld Football, and the NFL. Schefter is an NFL Insider with ESPN, Berry is ESPN’s Senior Fantasy Football Analyst), Rotoworld Football specializes and focuses on nothing but fantasy sports, and the NFL is…well—if you don’t know what the NFL is, you can head to the chat room at to get the answer. (Hint: It begins with National and ends with Football League.) 

A Personal Touch 

But doesn’t just pull information from the pros. It also gets it from real ladies who really love NFL. On top of offering a ton of great info on the main site, provides an extra touch of ladylike football knowledge by Tweeting throughout Sunday’s games. And since the ladies watch every game on TV, you can keep up with all the football goodness by following them on Twitter at

“Football is such a passion of mine, and many other women feel the same about this great game,” Leslie says. “With and the Twitter updates, women don’t have to feel outside of the loop any more. Now, they can get in there and bust heads with the big boys and let them know football isn’t just for guys. It’s for ladies as well.”

Ready to beef up your football know-how? Head to your local sports bar this weekend. Or stay at home, watch a few games, and grow your knowledge at And if you’re a guy who finds a useful site, you’re not alone. Plenty of guys frequent Just don’t expect them to admit to it. But each day, more guys and gals are finding out that a quick trip to helps you put your game face on no matter where you are.

Also, needs your help! Whether you’d like to contribute blog entries, participate in the growing forums, or sponsor the site financially, head to to learn how to get started.

Written exclusively for The Club by Daniel Brantley, football lover and freelance writer and editor. Find him online, follow him on Twitter, or contact him directly

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