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Thursday, May 19, 2011

It All Started in 2003 #Title #Realestate

Mark Skinner may have changed jobs, but he’ll never leave his go-to title company, Mellex Title Services, LLC

He spent nearly a decade at Fannie Mae in Washington, D.C. before making the move to Florida. Once he settled into the Sunshine State, he started a mortgage company, sold it a few years later, and grew another company’s presence from 16 to 43 states. While growing the company’s footprint, Mark Skinner had his first interaction with Melanie Levine at Mellex Title (find Mellex on Facebook).

From all indications, it was going to be a routine closing, but Skinner quickly realized he wasn’t dealing with a routine title company.

“Usually, a title company working on an out-of-town closing sends the closing package to a signing notary,” Skinner says. Not Mellex Title. Levine wanted to make sure the closing went perfect, so she flew to Tampa for the closing, paying her own way. “I’ve never had anyone from a title company do that,” Skinner says. “She really impressed me on our first transaction.”

Repeat Impressions

That first impression stuck and was reinforced over the years. Skinner did whatever he could to work with Levine at his previous job, and he continues to seek her services as often as possible in his new position as manager of mortgage origination at IBM Southeast Employees’ Federal Credit Union.

IBM Southeast EFCU is South Florida’s largest credit union with almost 80,000 members. In addition to IBM employees, the Credit Union is composed of members from other companies close to its branches. As a result, Skinner has continual need of Mellex Title. And since 2003, Skinner doubts he’s ever gone an entire month without calling on the Mellex team for at least one closing.

“If the opportunity exists to work with Mellex Title, we know our members are in good hands, so we make it happen,” Skinner says.

An Impressive Finish 

However, Skinner doesn’t turn to Mellex Title over and over only because of their attention to every detail along the way. In fact, it’s not Levine’s willingness to do anything and everything to close on time that has Skinner calling Mellex each month. It’s the whole package that impresses Skinner. And the knowledge that Levine and the others at Mellex Title make each closing just as much a priority as Skinner does.

“The last impression made in the mortgage transaction is of the title company, and I’ve always felt very comfortable having Melanie be that final impression,” Skinner says. “She makes closings memorable, positive events, and she always puts the credit union in the best light.”

Need a quality title company that will put your company in the best possible light? Contact Mellex Title to find out how to make them part of your team. Call Mellex Title at (954) 748-5550, visit them online at, find them on Twitter, or contact Melanie Levine directly at (954) 914-5858 or

To learn more about IBM Southeast Employees’ Federal Credit Union, visit Would you like to become a member of the largest credit union in South Florida? If you’ve donated blood through the Red Cross, you can! Call the credit union today at (800) 873-5100 for more information.

This article was written by Daniel Brantley exclusively for The Club, part of the Amplification, Inc. social media network. Please follow along on Twitter and Facebook. Daniel Brantley is a freelance writer, email Daniel, find him online at or go to to follow his home-loving life.

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