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Monday, October 19, 2009

The Silver Bullet Splinters! #Amplify #Florida #Facebook

When speaking to groups, clients, prospective clients, and others, I am often asked about what the "best" mix of advertising, marketing, social media, and public relations tools are and the simple answer is that there is no "Silver Bullet" or magic wand out there and the "right" mix is different based on many factors. 

Each marketing / promotion / sales challenge is unique in its own right based on the multitude of variables involved. Much in the same way that any home improvement or construction project is uniquely individual and has different challenges inherent, and in that context it is important to employ the right tools for the job at the right time. The project doesn't always call for the use of a hammer or saw, and so forth.

[ Desk Job = Damaged Back! ]

Consider that back in the 1970's you could reach over 75% of buying-females by advertising on the daytime Soap Operas owned by Proctor & Gamble (and others). That is no longer the case these days. The average person today is bombarded by upwards of 6,500 marketing impressions PER DAY!

[ Sowing Social Karma! ]

Step one: Approach your marketing challenge in a logical manner. Think it through, chart out what it is your are trying to accomplish and then put it to paper and approach it via a natural progression. Facebook, TV commercials, a Website, enewsletters, radio spots, press coverage, a custom publication, the right content strategy, a new logo, co-opt or collaborative marketing, and any and all of the other tools at your disposal don't always apply or may not be the best use of your (limited!) resources all the time.

Think through your budget and the amount of time you have to dedicate to your messaging-agenda and start to imagine what the milestones for success would look like. Then you can plot a course, based on the available resources, that will deliver what you want to accomplish.

[ Your Coming Sandwich-Gen Battle! ]

Identify what your prime or most-desired customer / demographic looks like (age, ethnicity, gender, and such), and then think of creative ways to motivate or encourage that person(s) to act in a way that is to your benefit. There are lots of exciting, new and emerging channels at there on social where local content can be created by the local community and leveraged to your benefit.

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